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Best Purchase Order for the PowerUp Shop in Vampire Survivors

Game has wares if you have the coin.

by Nikola L

As you endlessly grind Gold Coins to fulfill your dreams of being the strongest Vampire Survivor in the universe, you are presented with choices of buying different Power Up boosts, depending on how much Gold you have earned so far.
You will also notice that the more you buy them, the more expensive they become, so every subsequent purchase is further away from the previous one. This forces you to allocate your Gold more carefully, and Prima Games has some tips on which Purchase Order you could follow to optimize your Power Up portfolio in Vampire Survivors. We’ll show you what we think the best purchase order is, with some commentary, so that you can adjust it towards your personal preference depending on what you want to do.

Optimal Purchase Order for PowerUps in Vampire Survivors

I have divided powerups into tiers. I would advise you to buy them by tiers if you do not like the exact purchase order below:

  • Tier 1: Recovery, Cooldown, Might, Growth, Revival, Amount (gives you a fighting chance)
  • Tier 2: Greed, Area, Magnet, Luck (improves some finesses)
  • Tier 3: Max Health, Armor, Move Speed, Speed, Duration (improves your tankiness and movement)
  • Tier 4: Curse, Omni, Reroll, Skip, Banish, Seal (end game or not relevant for leveling)

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And, here’s what I do on a fresh save and why:

  • Recovery
    I always take Recovery first. That 0.5 HP per second regen is nothing to be shy of and can extend your runs early on.
  • Cooldown
    Just because it’s annoying to wait half an eternity for your weapons to fire again (so just wait a quarter of eternity, rather).
  • Might
    Bonus damage is always cool when you need to exterminate many enemies.
  • Growth
    Getting more XP means getting more Weapons, Passives, and being stronger in the fights.
  • Revival
    Did you make an oopsie? Revival has you covered. However, it costs too much to be bought very early. Rather work on your movement skills, kiting enemies, etc.
  • Amount
    Why wouldn’t you want to fire more projectiles? It is expensive, but worth it.
  • Greed
    At some point, we need to work on that interest rate and gain you more gold.
  • Area
    When you have everything else covered, it’s time to augment the area of effect of your attacks.
  • Magnet
    This helps you pick up XP Gems and Gold easier.
  • Luck
    Works wonders. It’s not just for having more choices while leveling up.
  • Max Health
    Having more HP opens up more space for error. But it’s not essential, and you can dodge most attacks.
  • Armor
    Damage mitigation. As mentioned, just work on your movement technique and your damage output and nobody will ever touch you.
  • Move Speed
    It’s cool to have later when you need to run errands on various maps, like for example when you are unlocking Secret Characters. And that’s done later in the game. You can kite most opponents without a Move Speed boost.
  • Speed
    You REALLY don’t need it that much early on. It increases the speed of your projectiles only. Trust me.
  • Duration
    Increases the duration of some of your attacks, you don’t need it that much.
  • Curse (You will need to take it once, survive 20 minutes in a run, unlock Lama Ladonna with this achievement, and then refund it)
    This makes your runs more difficult BUT provides you with the opportunity to earn a lot more XP and Gold, and unlock some stuff that requires you to kill X amount of things, etc…
  • Omni
    You can unlock Omni later in the game. As soon as you get it, max it.
  • Reroll
    Useful later in the game so not a priority.
  • Skip
    Useful later in the game so not a priority.
  • Banish
    Useful later in the game so not a priority.
  • Seal
    This is the endgame powerup and will take a while until you max it because it costs like hell.

The game will require a lot of grinding anyway, so be patient, and you’ll have it all in the end. See you soon at Prima Games!

Nikola L

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