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How to Unlock Seal in Vampire Survivors

First new content after the v1.0 update!

by Nikola L

So I randomly saw an update of Vampire Survivors on Steam that “weighed” over 1 megabyte so I thought “hmmm, there must be something new in this patch” and I jumped in to see that there is a new Powerup in the game which you can buy before your run. It’s a brilliant QoL addition to Vampire Survivors and you will LOVE it. Prima Games, as always, delivers Vampire Survivors unlock guides first.

What is the Seal in Vampire Survivors?

If you are a completionist when it comes to Vampire Survivors, upon entering the collection you will see that there is one new thing to unlock called “Seal”. It reads: “Banish 10 or more weapons in a single run.”

What this does is it allows you to “pre-banish” certain items from the game before your run even begins. That’s cool if you dislike seeing some of the weapons and the passives (even Arcanas!). It’s important to note that the game will stop you from “sealing” some of the stuff for one reason or another.

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How to Get Seal in Vampire Survivors

Well, Banishing 10 weapons in a single run might be easy if you have Queen Sigma unlocked since you will have a lot of Banishes, but if you don’t, you’ll need to find a different character and boost their Banishes. One of the certain ways to do this is to Unlock Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary. This Arcana provides you with +3 Banish at the start of your run. It should be relatively easy to nail 10 weapons at the start of your run with the rerolls that you have. In addition to that, it goes without saying that you should purchase all the Banish powerups that you can prior to the run, within the Powerup menu.

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If you do not have rerolls unlocked, you need to reach level 80 with the following characters for each level of Reroll that you want to buy in the Powerup menu (guides available for each unlock):

Upon Banishing 10 weapons (you will be able to see all of the ones you banished in the level-up menu), you are free to leave your run immediately, no need to play the entire thing.

How Do I Use and Upgrade Seal to Banish More Items From My Run?

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Once Seal is unlocked, head out to your Powerup section and buy it there. For me, after having all of the other content purchased to the max level, the first level had the cost of 23,053 gold. I am guilty of dropping Vampire Survivors in favor of other games after unlocking all of the content on v1.0’s release dat, so it’s time to remind ourselves of our farming guide since I’ve fallen behind with the gold farm:

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With each purchased level, you are in a position to Banish ONE item from your collection before the game starts. Having 10 levels means that you can tailor your experience pretty heavily so that it becomes more convenient if you do not like certain items. It’s as simple as getting into your Collection and clicking on the applicable items.

That’s it for this guide, we hope you’ll enjoy having fun with your Seals!