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How to Unlock Megalo Menya in Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell DLC?

Suffering awaits you, buckle up.

by Nikola L

We feel you. The requirement for unlocking Megalo Menya is absurd. And you don’t even know the worst part of it yet. However, it should be worth unlocking due to the power Megalo Menya holds. However, Prima Games wouldn’t be Prima Games if we didn’t have a way out of this situation. Unlocking Megalo Menya in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell DLC does not need to be complicated. You’ll need to invest some time or even be so confident to set up an AFK farm if everything aligns well.

The Easiest Way to Get Megalo Menya in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell DLC

You need to kill 100,000 enemies on Mt. Moonspell to unlock Megalo Menya. The problem is, Menya is highly vulnerable. Max HP is in the range of 100, but Menya has a temporary buff that makes Menya immune to all incoming damage. You will notice that after around 500 kills, an explosion happens, and Menya gets a cool visual effect and a lot of movement speed. That’s all good, but how do you kill 100,000 enemies in Vampire Survivors before the Reaper inevitably comes for you?

You don’t.

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You will need the Seventh Trumpet because it unlocks Endless Mode for you. This run will probably take between half an hour and an hour of real-life time, assuming you don’t get killed. You will also need Arcana IV – Awake as a failsafe if you get killed.
Arcana VIII – Mad Groove is also something that’s a must as a second or third Arcana, and the first one is up to you; get yourself some damage for sure.

Since Menya is weak, we advise you to refund the powerup for Curse if you are not feeling confident. You have enough time given that it’s an endless mode; better make it a first-attempt win rather than risking death at about 90k kills as we did. Also, do not pick up Curse items. You can always Banish them, including Torrona’s Box at the ninth level.

Weapons that are good for this grind:

And now, the most important part: The location of farming those 100k kills.

Where to Get 100,000 Kills Easy in Mt. Moonspell in Vampire Survivors

Initially, we started farming at the starting location, but then it got really hairy after about 40 minutes because the enemies kept coming in bigger and bigger numbers. However, based on one of our previous articles and our general feeling about this DLC, we concluded that different parts of this map have different “biomes” and, as such, different enemies that spawn around.
If you are feeling anxious about losing your run for 100k kills, you should farm Kappas:

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They are small, have low HP, and won’t harm you. You can also farm some smaller enemies on the road toward that lake. In fact, we are doing this right now on that location to farm the other 100k kills challenge, and it’s going well.

42 minutes on Hyper Mode for 80k kills. It’s so easy that I am writing this article on my primary monitor while looking at the Vampire Survivors game window on the other monitor, just in case! Also, be wary if you want to use the Night Sword. It life-steals from you. This is why Mad Groove is good, to gather up Floor Chicken for you to keep you afloat.

Now that you’ve unlocked Megalo Menya, you understand that it costs insanely high. The power of Megalo Menya is that Megalo Menya doesn’t take damage until minute 30. At this point, Megalo Menya suddenly disappears like David Copperfield, but we won’t spoil how it actually happens.

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