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Where to Find Kappa in Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell DLC

Kappa this, Kappa that. Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa.

Bestiary has gotten quite a few new entries in Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell DLC, and one of them is required for an Achievement. Funnily enough, the name of the monster you need to kill is Kappa. And you need to kill it 6000 times.

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You are probably wondering where Kappa can be found on such a vast map in Legacy of Moonspell since the mountain is indeed immense. However, the Prima Games team has found Kappa in Vampire Survivors, and we’ll speedrun you to it so that you can unlock Gav’Et-Oni.

How to Find Kappa in Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell DLC? Now With Map Included

We’re gonna LARP as hunters now. First, we need to get to know our prey. See what the prey looks like and learn its habits. Then we approach challenging the prey. We will attack Kappa and capture their leader Gav’Et-Oni to have him do our bidding in Vampire Survivors!

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This turtle-like creature resides near a frozen lake. We have found reports of a frozen lake in the northwest sector of the map, and we will give you the best hint possible on how to find it.

Where is Kappa in Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell DLC?

As you see in the screenshot, we found a frozen lake just under the Attractorb, which you can easily find on the map. From the game start, move to the left, and you will stumble upon a brown path in the snow eventually (tilt slightly down if you run into a mountain) and after some weird turns and passages heading up north, you will end up on the frozen lake. Follow the arrow that leads you to the Attractorb.

Map sourced from VS Discord, edited by Prima Games
Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Unlock Gav’Et-Oni in Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell

After you kill 6000 Kappas, you can exit your run and purchase Gav’Et-Oni. We hope this guide was helpful; make sure to stop by our game tag for this lovely DLC below.

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