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Vampire Survivors 0.10.109 Update Patch Notes: New Secrets Listed

More cool cheats are available!

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors developers have made a small incremental update to Vampire Survivors this week, adding literally no new content, but a lot of Quality of Life stuff, balances, and of course, more secrets!

New Cheats for Vampire Survivors (Secrets added in 0.10.109)

Without much fanfare, here are the short patch notes:

  • Added an on-screen keyboard in the new menu for gamepad and Steam Deck users
    Here’s some hope for Console players. Check out Will Vampire Survivors on Console Ever be a Thing? – Answered.
  • Increased grace time between key presses to cast spells
    There have been a LOT of complaints from players that the typing speed required to type in the cheats/secrets is too damn high!
  • Fixed new theme of The Bone Zone not looping properly
  • Slightly reduced movement speed of the Sketamari
  • Added more spells, but they’re SECRETS
    …and Prima Games has them all ready for you.

How to Unlock All Arcanas in Vampire Survivors With Cheats

Spoilers ahead. Thanks to all the data miners in the community who made this happen! Make sure to first get the Scroll of Morbane, and then familiarize yourself with the Secrets Menu (Cheat Menu) where you type in these codes:

  • everything – Unlocks all weapons
  • everywhere – Unlocks all stages (and their Hyper modes)
  • ilmatto – Arcana 0 – Game Killer
  • ilbagatto – Arcana I – Gemini
  • lapapessa – Arcana II – Twilight Requiem
  • limperatrice – Arcana III – Tragic Princess
  • limperatore – Arcana IV – Awake
  • ilpapa – Arcana V – Chaos in the Dark Night
  • randomazzami – Arcana VI – Sarabande of Healing (this spell existed for months, and it worked by being typed in the main menu)
  • ilcarro – Arcana VII – Iron Blue Will
  • laforza – Arcana VIII – Mad Groove
  • laruota – Arcana X – Beginning
  • lagiustizia – Arcana XI – Waltz of Pearls
  • lappeso – Arcana XII – Out of Bounds
  • lamorte – Arcana XIII – Wicked Season
  • latemperanza – Arcana XIV – Jail of Crystal
  • ildiavolo – Arcana XV – Disco of Gold
  • latorre – Arcana XVI – Slash
  • lastella – Arcana XVII – Lost & Found Painting
  • laluna – Arcana XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions
  • ilsole – Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire
  • ilgiudizio – Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary

If you haven’t obtained the Scroll of Morbane yet, try the method discovered by renowned community member, Cheetah-Shooter:

Image credit: Cheetah-Shooter

According to our source, the random yellow lines that you see on one of the last collectibles in the picture have a chance of 1 in 65535 to be generated. If you do not have the Scroll of Morbane, you are supposed to click on the marked collectible (even if you do not see the mark). It is mentioned that you should click it eight times in a row, quickly. If successful, a message pops out that says “You are now a magician!” and the Secret Menu will unlock for you.

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