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Will Vampire Survivors on Console Ever be a Thing? – Answered

Be a Survivor from your own couch!

Vampire Survivors is a viral retro-styled rogue-lite game that is still not losing its hype on PC ever since it took Steam by storm at the beginning of 2022. In fact, the game has had a serious resurgence upon full release!
Players are constantly finding new ways to beat records and unlock all the achievements, and the developer is promising that they will be adding new content and keeping the game fresh even after the full release of the game on PC.
The full release of the game happened in October, but with this huge indie scene success comes the question:
Is Vampire Survivors available on PlayStation and Xbox?

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Can you play Vampire Survivors on Xbox?

Yes, you can! However, only on Xbox Series X and S. Here are some official links that you can use to grab more information:

Xbox One, however, will not be supported, and we have found no information that would imply that there will be an Xbox One version in the future.

Is Vampire Survivors Available on PlayStation?

Sadly, no. Vampire Survivors is not available on PlayStation consoles. The only consoles Vampire Survivors is playable on right now are the Xbox Series X and S and the handheld Steam Deck.

As of now, there are no confirmations that there will be a PlayStation port in the future, but there are certainly thousands upon thousands of PlayStation players that can’t wait to jump into the action from their couches. We’ll make sure to let our readers know when this happens. By the looks of things, if it is not available on Xbox One, it won’t be available on PS4 for sure, so we can only have hopes for a PlayStation 5 (PS5) version somewhere down the line.

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