How to Beat Supreme in Sonic Frontiers

How to Beat Supreme in Sonic Frontiers

Reaching far across these new frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is one long game.. well, at least in comparison to any previous Sonic title. By the time you reach the final Ouroboros Island, you’ll likely have about 15 to 20 hours of good open-zone and titan-beating fun on the clock. You somehow got through Giganto, Wyvern, Knight, and the pain that was Rhea island, so now it’s time to face the final boss of Ouroboros – another titan, named Supreme.

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How to Beat Supreme in Sonic Frontiers

Supreme is the final Titan and the 2nd to the last boss in Sonic Frontiers. It’s the white one you have been seeing in all of those flashback cutscenes. You probably know the drill related to preparation and leveling but, if you haven’t by now, it’s the perfect time to do some fishing and quickly maximize Sonic’s stats before the fight – although if you play on easy or normal it can make this fight feel too comfortable.

Starting the Battle with Supreme in Sonic Frontiers

After liberating the fifth Chaos Emerald, you need to collect a lot of Sage Memory Tokens to initiate a final conversation in front of the large ruins that the game will lead you to. After the talk with Sage, the computer portal in front of the door will unlock, and there is the final Ikaruga / NieR Automata shooting mini-game. Once you beat it, the door to the ruins will open. Just walk inside and pick up the sixth Chaos Emerald. No extensive platforming level or anything, you just go inside and pick it up. A little bit underwhelming, yes?

And now for the twist – unlike in the previous Titan fights, for the last Chaos Emerald, you will not have to climb up to the head of the boss to pick it up and become Super Sonic. In a BIG SPOILER moment, Dr. Eggman will give Sonic the last emerald, as they are buddies now. With the seventh Chaos Emerald you will get during the cutscene, you will turn Super Sonic and head straight to the boss, with no-platforming shenanigans this time.

Supreme Phase 1 Tactics

Supreme is kinda similar to the Giganto fight, in the first phase he just has more stuff coming your way and it starts to feel a little bit like a bullet hell in there.

  1. Avoid yellow projectiles and get close to bigger red diamond-like satellites to be able to destroy them with your button-mashing combos.
  2. Supreme will automatically hit you and Super Sonic will be launched far back, after that the boss will shoot multiple yellow lasers at you that need to be parried (just hold L1 and R1), and the lasers will return to the sender to destroy all of the satellites at once, creating an opening to get in close to Supreme’s head and attack.
  3. The next melee attack can be parried and then countered with a Triangle + Circle for massive damage.

If your Attack level is high enough, and depending on the selected difficulty level, this will be enough to send Supreme to Phase 2. If not, repeat everything once more – since the satellites will respawn after some time.

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Supreme Phase 2 Tactics

You know things are getting super serious when the final boss spreads his wings, and now the real bullet hell starts. There will be a lot more yellow missiles, which will make it difficult to approach the boss and his satellites, and because of the wings he gets in this phase, Supreme will be much more agile.

Other than that, the tactics remain the same as in the first phase. Destroy the satellites, parry everything and don’t forget to release the parry buttons before pressing them again when parrying multiple projectiles, and when the opportunity arises to attack the boss directly, use some of the more advanced Sonic special moves you’ve unlocked so far like Homing Shot and Cross Slash.

At the very end, Supreme will take out his rifle and shoot an energy blast right at you – here you need to concentrate and hit another QTE just like those in the fishing mini-game – you need to press the Square button at the moment when the expending white circle lines up with the red one in the background. Hit it correctly, and this battle is over! Enjoy the cinematics and prepare for The End… and yes, that’s the name of the real final boss that follows after this.

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