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How to Unlock Arcade Mode in Sonic Frontiers? – Answered

Turning Frontiers into a regular Sonic game

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to unlock Arcade Mode in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic games used to be much more straightforward back in the day; you turn on the console, get straight into the game, see the name of the first Zone on the fast-sliding title, the music kicks in, and off you go. After years and years of experimenting with various ways to put Sonic in 3D with all its elaborate stories and gimmicks, Sonic Team finally went into full open-world waters with Sonic Frontiers. However, the game still has the classic “Cyber Space” levels that have the same gameplay as the previous few Sonic titles.

These levels are scattered across the maps of Starfall Islands, and in order to access them you first need to find their Portals and unlock them with Portal Gears. Also, if you want to repeat any of the 30 levels, you need to load a certain island and navigate your way back to the portal, which can be tiring, especially if you want to repeat several of these levels in a row. Luckily for you, there is Arcade Mode, where access to any of the Cyber Space levels is super easy. But where is this mode actually found? Let’s find out how to unlock Arcade Mode in Sonic Frontiers.

How to Unlock Arcade Mode in Sonic Frontiers

To unlock Arcade Mode in Sonic Frontiers you have to beat the game on any difficulty. After the final credits are over and you return to the main menu, a new option will be added just below the “New Game”. In Arcade Mode, you have a complete list of all Cyber Space levels and can quickly access each of these 30 old-school-inspired Sonic levels. If you really want, you can play them in order and imagine you’re playing a different Sonic game.

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Unlike playing these levels through Portals in the open-world portion of the game, here you have no additional special goals – Arcade Mode only keeps the records of your best times and Red Star Rings collected, but there are no special rewards, trophies, or achievements for completing everything in arcade mode. Arcade Mode is there only for your retro 3D Sonic enjoyment. Have fun!

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