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All Street Fighter Duel Codes Listed (March 2023)

Wow that's like, three dollars in real money! Amazing!!

by Lucas White

Street Fighter Duel, like many other mobile games involving collecting things and being coerced into spending real money, utilizes “codes.” These are basically coupon codes that are distributed through avenues like social media and other community spaces in order to promote… spending. But since no reasonable person wants to be a “whale,” folks tend to band together and share codes they come across. So here are all the Street Fighter Duel codes listed for March 2023 that we know about.

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All Street Fighter Duel Codes Listed (March 2023)

Right now there’s only one Street Fighter Duel code. The damn game just came out, for chrissakes! If you see multiple codes on your Google journeys, it’s probably because people are listing codes meant for other regions that have already had this game for some time. If you’re part of the global release, you need to make sure you’re paying attention to codes from the global Street Fighter Duel publisher, Crunchyroll Games.

SFDLaunch – This code gets you 300 gems or diamonds or whatever

AnimeAwards2023 – 500 gems

MonHunSFD – 500 gems

STPATRICK – 300 gems

In order to redeem a code, click on your player profile and click on the “Exchange Code” button. Enter the code there and if it’s still valid, you’ll get whatever the reward is. Again, as of the literal second day of the global release, there is one code for Street Fighter Duel available. So don’t be surprised if you type others in from websites posting context-free day one guides and they don’t do anything.

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For now, we recommend just screwing around with Street Fighter Duel and seeing if you like it or not. You can reroll, but it’s kind of pointless. This is the launch window, which means inevitably power creep will kick in as soon as events start kicking off, and any data from this initial period will be obsolete. Spend this time getting acclimated and deciding if you actually want to keep playing this in the long term or not.

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