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How to Reroll in Street Fighter Duel

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by Lucas White

The game has been around for a while elsewhere in the world, but for the North American region we just got a hold of Street Fighter Duel thanks to Crunchyroll Games. It’s a neat little idle battler-slash-RPG, which also means you’re looking at collecting various nonsense currencies and making Gacha rolls for characters. Naturally, power gamers are gonna be interested in rerolling if at all possible. The good news is that you can totally do that. Here’s how to reroll in Street Fighter Duel.

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How to Reroll in Street Fighter Duel

First off, you want to know the cutoff point. It’s actually a good idea to play a little further than the first pull the game gives you before deciding to reroll or not. To get started, you’ll get to draw characters for the first time in Street Fighter Duel after clearing stage 1-12. You’ll get to draw ten characters, at least one of which should be an A Rank. After that, continue the tutorial guidance and the game will open up more after clearing stage 2-2. The key here is checking your mail to cash in on the global pre-registration bonuses.

Among said bonuses is a “Server Launch Pack,” one of many items that’s sent to your item bag. Popping that open gives you a character from a smaller pool, many of which are some of the better characters you can get. If you can get your hands on Elena, Guile or Dhalsim for example, you’re sitting on a solid reason to just keep playing from there. If not though, here’s how to reroll.

On the main menu screen, click on your player portrait and you’ll get another set of options, the one we’re looking for being “Select Server.” If you hop over to a new server you’re basically hitting a “New Game” button. That said, you’ll need to use a different sign-in mechanism than before, so I guess if you’re dead set on rerolling you’ll need a small army of Google accounts at the ready.

You have as many opportunities to reroll in Street Fighter Duel as there are servers with open capacity. Personally I recommend just sticking with what you get the first time around and not worrying so much about your initial roll, because the game gives you plenty of chances to get new characters after the tutorial anyway. Rerolling just presents a new opportunity for stress in a game that’s already trying to tempt your wallet. Relax and just enjoy the mobage chaos as the gacha gods intended; adjusting based on what you get! And no, I’m not just saying that because I was blessed with an excellent team pretty fast. Or am I?

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