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Halls of Torment indeed doesn’t have many characters at this point, but they certainly are very diverse and unique, with each of them fitting a different playstyle. However, as it goes in most games, some characters (or classes as referred to by some players) are stronger than others because they excel at certain challenges that Halls of Torment tosses your way. I have tried all of the characters that currently exist in Halls of Torment and I see clear favorites that “do the job” better than the rest of the field if you want to learn more about the power level of characters in Halls of Torment, I’ll be glad to guide you through my Tier List of Characters in Halls of Torment.

Best Classes of Characters in Halls of Torment Ranked

At this point in time, there are seven characters in Halls of Torment. I expect that Chasing Carrot will add more as time passes (Necromancer with summoning abilities, please, if you are reading this) but for now, we gotta sort out the ones that exist. It was not easy, although I admit there is some subjectivity due to my playstyle. I’ll explain why, don’t worry. Of course, I’ll be changing the list as the game evolves. Feel free to click on the available links for build guides for each of the characters.

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SArcher, Cleric, Warlock
ASwordsman, Shield Maiden
BExterminator, Sorceress

Nothing in C, nothing in D. I made every character work to a certain degree. There are no useless characters. If you’re having troubles with some characters, try getting new items and try adjusting your traits.

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Sorceress? The most difficult character to unlock in Halls of Torment so far? Not liking it one bit. I expected something more busted than Cleric. I grew a lot of gray hair while finishing her achievements (quests).

Exterminator has a lot of potential but you need to have items for the full-power build.

Archer and Swordsman are tricky, in the sense that they start out very slow, but if you get to the end game, you’ll find that they mercilessly destroy everything in their wake, when built properly. Archer takes the cake with significantly more damage output.

Shieldmaiden is great, even though it seems she’s slower-paced than the rest of the gang.

Cleric is the prime “out-of-the-box” busted solution. The damage is so busted they might nerf it. However, it’s a double-edged sword. If you focus on a single target, you are bound to melt it quickly (*cough* boss *cough* elite *cough*). But, if you increase the size of your cone, and increase your range… You will spread out all of that “big” damage to many little monsters, and you might end up in a pickle. And that can be “fixed” by picking powerful abilities. Cleric is my #1 pick, and it’s because of Cleric that I am not playing other characters that much.

Warlock has one of the most busted damage outputs, but once again, you need to specifically build for it, and then he’s unstoppable.

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That’s all for this Tier List. If you want to read more about HoT, check out Halls of Torment vs. Vampire Survivors: Differences and Similarities or our game tag for more cool stuff Prima Games produces regarding this summer indie hit.

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