Blessings Halls of Torment Best Top Tier List

Best Blessings in Halls of Torment, Ranked

Blessings are necessary to reduce the Torment in these Halls.

Blessings are the permanent powerups for your characters that persist through death and are one of the few places where you will splurge your hard-earned gold. When you start playing Halls of Torment and accumulating gold, you are certainly wondering what are the best blessing in Halls of Torment to buy, and what is the best purchase order for them as you level up. I have enjoyed Halls of Torment a lot and have been experimenting with these blessings, and I am ready to share my knowledge about Blessings in Halls of Torment with you.

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Best Purchase Order for Halls of Torment Blessings

It’s important to state that not all blessings are available for you immediately, and it’s also very important to state that some blessings are brilliant on some characters, but horrible on others. One example would be “Area / Projectile Size” which doesn’t make great use on Archer, and is great on Swordsman because he deals a lot more damage.

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Luckily, there is a refund option, with which you can make adjustments absolutely any time you want or any time you get a new Blessing to buy. My “priority buy list” is as follows:

1. Pickup Range

I found it very frustrating that the default Pickup Range basically requires you to fully step on something you want to pick up. And that can be a problem when you are starting out and have trouble fighting off endless hordes of the undead, demons, dragons, and whatnot. This blessing will make it easier for you to pick up XP Gems, Gold, and Health Regen items (food, potions) and will provide at least some comfort when you’re starting out.

2. Health Regeneration

This is an all-purpose blessing that gives you +0.75HP every second at max rank. You might not notice it, but that’s 45 HP each minute, up to 1350 HP regenerated in the 30-minute run. Sustainability is one of the important parts of lasting long enough to win. You can’t use “Defense” and “Block” to mitigate all of the damage in this game, especially when you are just starting out.

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3. Gold Gain

Once you kill 50 Elites, you will be able to buy the Gold Gain Blessing after you finish that run. I feel it’s the best way to further increase your wealth in-game because it can increase your gold gain by 50% at max rank. When you have more Gold, you can buy more stuff! It’s about the long-term game in Halls of Torment, success will not come overnight.

4. Revives

Revives are your “get out of jail free” card, and despite them being expensive, I maxed them ASAP, and on top of that, I wear the Seal of Rebirth ring which gives me another revival. It’s an “oopsie” resolution method, and being able to revive yourself three times with 50% HP is something that cannot be overlooked and will definitely save you in many runs.

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5. Movement Speed

Some Bosses and Elites just cannot be defeated if you are moving slowly. They will catch up to you and stomp you to death in seconds.

That’s about my generic “Top 5” which are pretty much staples that help you initially, and the rest depends on you and your character choice. My personal priorities after these five are:

  • Attack Speed (every character benefits from it)
  • Damage (every character benefits from it)
  • Health Capacity (every character benefits from it)
  • Attack Range (unless a character cannot benefit from it)
  • Area / Projectile size (unless a character cannot benefit from it)
  • Defense (when I am playing a tanky character such as Shieldmaiden, Swordsman, or even Cleric)
  • Block Strength (same as above)
  • Effect on Hit Chance (when I play Cleric and want to add as many debuffs as possible)
  • Fire Damage (when I play a fire-based character like The Exterminator)

All in all, it’s going to be a hell of a grind to max out all of these Blessings, so you’re in for a looong ride. If you are just starting out and need more guides for Halls of Torment, I recommend Halls of Torment Tips and Tricks for Beginners and How Many Levels are in Halls of Torment? – Answered, and many more that you can locate at our HoT game tag just below this article.

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