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How to Defeat Lord of Regret, the Ember Grounds Final Boss in Halls of Torment

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Halls of Torment is the rogue-lite/roguelike hype right now in the indie scene, and even though it’s just an early-access title, a lot of players are enjoying themselves and trying to overcome various challenges in the game. One of the most tedious fights is the fight against the Final Boss in the second stage – Lord Regret. You will certainly regret a lot of things when you rise up against this particular monster, and I will be very happy to bring you the strategy that helped me defeat Lord Regret at the Ember Grounds stage in Halls of Torment.

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How to Beat Lord of Regret at Ember Grounds in Halls of Torment

This boss is highly problematic because the HP he has is just simply too high above all reasonable proportions. I did defeat Lord of Regret on my first attempt, but I was lucky enough that I nailed a build that actually worked out long-term because this fight is about outlasting the opposition.

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Lord of Regret’s attacks are just silly and weak. They are slow and telegraphed ahead of time, so there is plenty of time for you to adjust your position and, you know, not get hit. I made a screenshot of the pattern so that you can have a vague understanding of how it commences.

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The “elephant in the room” with Lord of Regret is that he makes those blasted orbs over and over and over again. They are completely immune to the damage you do, and to top it all off, they suck up all the splash damage from Cleric, making it hard for me to isolate Lord of Regret and deal damage to him only. They are fairly slow, but if you come into their range, they will just explode and deal damage. The advice that I can provide to you is:

  • Gain enough movement speed so that you can maneuver around these orbs and trigger their explosion without being exploded yourself.
  • Get enough HP regeneration. If you get the perk that increases all of your regeneration by 50% you’re good to go.
  • Make sure to have up to half an hour for this fight.

That’s it. As far as items are concerned, an important item I had was Thornfists, which has the following effect: “Deals a critical hit to an enemy that hurts you.”

Why Thornfists? Because I can ram myself into Lord of Regret willingly (if I maneuver my way around the orbs), take some damage, and crit him really hard in return (base damage of Cleric is just off the charts), and then retreat to regenerate.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat Lord of Regret, the final boss of Ember Grounds. Check out Halls of Torment vs. Vampire Survivors: Differences and Similarities and Halls of Torment Tips and Tricks for Beginners and other stuff we have on HoT at the game tag below.

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