Halls of Torment vs. Vampire Survivors: Differences and Similarities

Why don't we just enjoy both games like it was intended?

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Well, here we are. Halls of Torment Early Access is live and ready for you to pick it up. Hailed as a “hybrid” of Vampire Survivors and old Diablo iterations, it sounds like a perfect game to fill the void until Vampire Survivors releases another major content patch, or rather, a full DLC. It’s inevitable that players will compare the two, so I would like to present to you my point of view on the matter of differences and similarities between the Halls of Torment and Vampire Survivors.

What are the Similarities Between Halls of Torment and Vampire Survivors?

There are quite a few similarities, so let’s get the ball rolling:

  • 30-minute duration of the run. At the end of 30 minutes, a big boss comes out. The difference here is that the “boss” in Vampire Survivors annihilates you immediately, while you still stand some fighting chance against the boss in Halls of Torment.
  • The Blessing System in Halls of Torment is similar to the Power Up system in Vampire Survivors. You buy permanent boosts for your characters that persist through death.
  • Character progression during the run is pretty similar. You kill and break stuff, you get XP gems and gold.
  • There are scripted events at certain timestamps, like mini-boss / elite encounters.

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What are the Differences Between Halls of Torment and Vampire Survivors?

While there are similarities, Halls of Torment doesn’t just copy Vampire Survivors. There are some elements of the game that differentiate Halls of Torment from Vampire Survivors which make for some other cool features.

  • Weapon and Passive system from Vampire Survivors does not exist in Halls of Torment. In HoT, you have a different weapon with different abilities for every character. The item system works differently in HoT, and you can pick up “spells” that aid your character during your runs.
  • Speaking of the Item System – You can pick up various items in the wild, but if you die, you lost them, unless you use the Wellkeeper’s services to “Retrieve” the item. Then, you can buy the item from him and keep it forever.
  • There is no Weapon Evolution system. You can just level your stuff up. And even that is different, which you will see when you get different “branches” of your ability. For example, with additional HP regen, you may choose additional max HP or additional movement speed.
  • You do not buy new characters. When you meet their unlock condition, they just approach your party at the bonfire in the camp.
  • You can aim all by yourself, and you can stop attacking if you want to.

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That’s all for the basic similarities and differences between Vampire Survivors and Halls of Torment. Make sure to check out How to Unlock All Characters in Halls of Torment as well as our other Vampire Survivors and Halls of Torment content at the game tag below.

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