Halls of Torment Controls Guide (Keyboard and Controller)

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Halls of Torment is not just a perfect void-filler in the absence of new Vampire Survivors content, but it’s truly a great game on its own. It has everything you might need: Retro graphics, Diablo 1/2 atmosphere, and concepts from Vampire Survivors and Crimsonland. This game can be played with a Keyboard and Mouse or with a Controller, so let’s go over some tips about the controls in this guide. It’s rather simplified and I will be glad to give you a short rundown of Controls in Halls of Torment.

Halls of Torment Controls Explained (Keyboard and Mouse vs Controller)

Keyboard and Mouse are native to PC games, so there are no secrets there. In-game controls are simple:

  • Mouse 1 for attack
  • Mouse 2 for auto-attack enable/disable
  • WASD to move, Mouse to Aim
  • R to enable/disable auto-aim

With Controller:

  • R2 for attack
  • Y for auto-attack enable/disable
  • Left Analog Stick to Move, Right Analog Stick to Aim
  • Right Analog Stick press to enable/disable auto-aim (I found that you can still manually aim while this is active, if you want to quickly divert your character’s attention to a different target)

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Auto-attack should be ON at all times. I have found no reason for it to be disabled (There are items that reward you for not attacking and for example, grant you more ability powers, but I still have not found that they are superior to the base attacks and regular ability powers). Save the valuable clicks on your peripherals for something more important, like Cookie Clicker for example.

Auto-aim is programmed more than decently and will help you in a lot of cases, and I use it unless the situation is very, very tight.

In Settings of the game, you can toggle all sorts of things right now, which I will show in the screenshot below:

Screenshot by Prima Games

Don’t mind me turning off the music. It’s a great soundtrack, and it’s clear that great efforts were invested. I just like to jam with my own music. It’s also safe to assume that these options will expand when the full version of the game comes out.

Should I Play Halls of Torment with a Keyboard and Mouse or with a Controller?

I won’t lie: I am a PC gamer. While I had interactions with some old consoles before the PS/XBox era, when it comes to modern-age consoles, I played PS1 and PS2 for a very short while, and have never owned a console other than PSP. I have tried playing Halls of Torment with a controller and there are some trade-offs between the two methods of controlling your character in Halls of Torment:

  • Keyboard offers movement in 8 directions, while you can be more tight and precise with the Analog Stick on your controller and provide the exact “dose” of the angle you want to move in.
  • Mouse offers you the ability to “lock on” a target on your screen and trail it with the cursor until it dies, and the Analog Stick #2 gives you better control of the 360-degree space around you. Some PC players will argue that they can “flick” faster than the “analog stick” gang, but that’s just a matter of practice.

In the end, it’s up to you and your preference.

That’s all, folks! Check out Diablo 4’s Illusion of Choice is Steadily Becoming More Obvious if you’re into Diablo, otherwise jump in on our Halls of Torment game tag, which we will be populating with more HoT content in the following period.

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