How to Defeat Lord of Hate, the Frozen Depths Final Boss in Halls of Torment

Time to ruin yet another Lord...

How to Defeat Lord of Hate in Halls of Torment
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Frozen Depths in Halls of Torment are cold, dark, and unforgiving, posing a great challenge to many players. Just when you think it couldn’t be more complex, the final boss of Frozen Depths, Lord of Hate, comes to ruin your run after half an hour of endless struggle with thousands of enemy monsters. If you are having trouble beating Lord of Hate in Halls of Torment, we’ll show you how to defeat him easily.

How to Beat Lord of Hate at the Frozen Depths Stage in Halls of Torment

Lord of Hate has several different attacks that he will deploy in an attempt to foil your run, and I will be more than glad to explain all of them to you:

1. Scatter Shot Strike

Lord of Hate will randomly attack small circle areas on the screen with this attack. You will have enough time to dodge this attack since the circles start spreading gradually from Lord of Hate’s position.

2. Pulsing Circular Strike

Lord of Hate will emit several circles starting from his position, between which you can stand safely.

3. Linear 6-way Strike

Lord of Hate will emit six linear strikes that consist of small circles moving away from him, each “line” leaving about 60 degrees of safe space for you.

4. Dash Strike

If you wander too far away from the Lord of Hate, expect that he will dash your way and deliver a lot of damage in a big circle. This is why it’s smart to always remain at medium range.

5. Ice Strike

Lord of Hate will emit small purple ice attacks that are easily dodgeable because they are very slow. In fact, they are so slow I managed to grab a screenshot of them just coming out!

6. Spinning 4-way Attack

As soon as you see Lord of Hate spinning, you should know that four-way attacks will start coming out as waves of energy.

There are two keys to beating Lord of Hate:

  • Sustainability (HP regen)
  • Movement skill (and speed)

As long as you can keep moving at medium range, you will have enough time to dodge every attack Lord of Hate sends your way. Check the screenshots above for distance reference. Trust me, it’s going to be okay.

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