How to Unlock All Characters in Halls of Torment

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What do you get when you make a crossover between Vampire Survivors and older Diablo games (let’s say 1 and 2)? You get Halls of Torment – a pretty nice game if you played and loved either of the above-mentioned games. But wait, why am I making a sales pitch for Halls of Torment? You are probably already playing it and want to unlock all of the characters. Here’s how to unlock All Characters in Halls of Torment.

How to Get Every Halls of Torment Character

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of playing a game for the first time when you don’t know anything and you’re tip-toeing around, being very careful and anxious about what’s going to unfold next. When Halls of Torment starts, you are presented with a warrior-like character, and you march straight through the gate to start your first run. However, more characters exist in Halls of Torment, so let’s go through the unlock conditions for each and every one of them.

in Halls of Torment, every stage has its own questlines which you gradually unlock. You can always check the current quests right/east of your campfire/bonfire. You start with The Swordsman character and, with him, you need to start unlocking your second character.

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1. How to Unlock Archer in Halls of Torment

This one is fairly easy. Survive four minutes in a run (it’s phrased “until there’s 26 minutes remaining). Experienced Vampire Survivors players might even get close to the 30-minute mark on their first try (I failed miserably, needed just a few more minutes).

2. How to Unlock Cleric in Halls of Torment

The cleric is unlocked by beating The Lich. The Lich is a skeleton-looking boss that appears when there are about 10 minutes remaining on the clock.

3. How to Unlock Exterminator in Halls of Torment

The Exterminator is unlocked by beating 1000 enemies in a single run at the Ember Grounds stage (second stage).

4. How to Unlock Warlock in Halls of Torment

In order to unlock Warlock in Halls of Torment, Wyrm Queen must be defeated. She appears around the last 5-7 minutes on Ember Grounds stage.

5. How to Unlock Shield Maiden in Halls of Torment

Forgotten Viaduct (stage three) is where you can unlock Shield Maiden, and you do this by defeating the Wraith Horseman. Wraith Horseman spawns relatively quickly on that stage compared to other bosses for other unlocks, so you should be seeing him in the first five minutes of the run. Watch your step!

6. How to Unlock Sorceress in Halls of Torment

Sorceress will definitely be a challenge for unlocking, you’ll need to have at least 10,000 kills in a single run in the Forgotten Viaduct. You should be prepared very well, by snagging all possible items and blessing before the run. It was difficult for me to overcome the 5000 kills challenge in a run for another quest, and when I heard that you need to make 10000 kills in a single run, I was shocked, to say the least. However, it’s manageable, just give it time. But don’t give too much time, y’know, 30 minutes is the limit.

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That’s all regarding unlocking characters in Halls of Torment. If you’re liking the game, you may be interested in Halls of Torment Tips and Tricks for Beginners. For more tips, tricks, and guides, stick with Prima Games.

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