Halls of Torment Ability Tier List: Best Abilities Listed

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Halls of Torment allows you to have magical abilities on your characters that serve to provide more damage during your runs in the hall. However, you can’t have them all at the same time, choices are pretty limited, and your natural desire is to optimize your runs as much as possible. I have played around with the abilities and I am ready to bring you my tier list of best abilities in Halls of Torment.

Best Abilities in Halls of Torment – Ranked

Before we proceed: I haven’t done extensive math on these abilities, but I did make records about what’s the amount of damage output they provide, and their DPS across different runs. There will also be some subjectivity and I will be glad to provide the reasoning as to why I put something in a certain bracket. This way, if you have a different preference to mine, you can adjust my opinion to fit your playstyle. I usually play Cleric most of the time, if this helps. So, without any further ado…

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TierAbility Name
SRadiant Aura, Astronomer’s Orbs, Lightning Strike
AArcane Splinters, Dragon’s Breath
BPhantom Needles, Transfixion
CKugelblitz, Ring Blades
DMeteor Strike, Summon Golem

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Radiant Aura and Astronomer’s Orbs are by far the most potent Abilities in my opinion and I will always choose and upgrade them when available unless I am doing a quest for a different one. They do the job of cleaning the area around my character well, and Radiant Aura is highly potent when you are 1v1 against a Boss or an Elite because all damage is focused on one enemy, similar to how Cleric works. These two are like Garlic and King Bible from Vampire Survivors!

Lightning Strike is sort of between S and A tier, but it belongs more in the S tier in my opinion, due to the late-game potential when you’re alone against the final boss. It doesn’t necessarily clean the area around your character and the lightning can strike almost off the screen at times, but it’s good.

Dragon’s Breath is pretty cool, but you’ll need to invest points in it as you level up, and it would be useful if you would obtain items that provide synergy with fire damage. Then it’s a complete beast of an ability.

Arcane Splinters are potent but I do not like that they are exclusively being deployed up and down. Your flanks are not defended by Arcane Splinters, but by all means, they do a great job where they are placed, and you will be happy with the damage output.

Phantom Needles and Transfixion are pretty similar when you consider what they do, and I exclusively pick those when I’m playing an Archer, to further bolster my damage output.

Kugelblitz and Ring Blades or on my “hate” list because of their unpredictability and randomness. Damage output can be fine if you invest points into them, but they are not resolving the issues around your character as the S-tier members do.

Meteor Strike and Golem were abilities that I never could make work properly in my runs. Meteor Strikes are way too random for my taste, and Golem’s cooldown is just too big for it to be worth over any S-tier or A-tier ability (all jokes aside, this goes for B and C as well since Golem is at the very bottom) because when Golem is not rolling around you, he’s making some weak punches to a singular target, and not even aggroing enemies off of you (imagine, he could be a great tank if he was programmed to do so!).

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