How to Defeat Lord of Despair, the Forgotten Viaduct Final Boss in Halls of Torment


If you’re this deep into Halls of Torment content, it means you got sold on the rogue-lite/roguelike hype – and how wouldn’t you? Halls of Torment has all the things indie lovers enjoy in their indie games. Lord of Despair, the final boss of the Forgotten Viaduct level, is quite a pest. It has tested my capabilities to their limits, but I managed to defeat the Lord of Despair on my first attempt! If you are having trouble beating Lord of Despair in the Forgotten Viaduct stage in Halls of Torment, I will be more than glad to provide input on what has helped me win in this struggle.

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How to Beat Lord of Despair at the Forgotten Viaduct in Halls of Torment

Please don’t despair, I have you covered. First things first, let’s guide you through the attack patterns of Lord of Despair.

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1. “Snake Attack”

Pictured below is the first attack of Lord of Despair. It’s telegraphed so it’s the easiest to dodge.

Screenshot by Prima Games

2. “Ghost Attack”

Ghosts with spears in their hands will charge from one side of the bridge to the other (so, they attack from the southwest and northeast). They are not very fast, so you should be able to handle this.

Screenshot by Prima Games

3. “Spear Attack”

This attack is very similar to the horseman’s attack. The spears can be dodged very easily as the attack is telegraphed way too early and you can either get out of bounds or stand between the spears. See how it looks below:

Screenshot by Prima Games

4. “Hand Attack”

About half a dozen of hands appear and start moving in straight lines toward you. You can dodge these easily, as soon as you get the hang of their movement pattern. This looks like the base attack of Warlock!

Screenshot by Prima Games

5. Basic Attack

If you get too close, Lord of Despair will launch a cone of damage similar to Cleric.

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Strategy for Lord of Despair at Forgotten Viaduct in Halls of Torment

Similar to the previous boss fight that we’ve covered, this will be a war of attrition. However, the accent in this fight falls to your movement capabilities, so I advise you to have enough movement speed bonuses accrued. It will make your life a lot easier. Other than that, health regeneration would be a must in case you get hit. When you get a hang of it, you’ll dodge all these attacks fairly easily. Lord of Despair has a lot of HP but do not let that scare you. Just remain focused. You will get an achievement once Lord of Despair is defeated.

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