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Wouldn't it be a nice RPG-style game?

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Halls of Torment is the latest Indie game viral hit, and as a lot of rogue-lite / roguelikes, is a great void filler while we wait for more content in Vampire Survivors. At this point, Halls of Torment is an Early Access game that is picking up quite a pace on Steam, with tens of thousands of players happily grinding through the currently available content. Now, given that the Vampire Survivors developer has announced a couch co-op mode, the natural question pops up among the fans of Halls of Torment: Does Halls of Torment Have Multiplayer, and is it possible to play Halls of Torment with friends? Let’s find out.

Does Halls of Torment have a Multiplayer Feature?

At the time of writing this article, sadly, Halls of Torment does not have a multiplayer feature. I believe it’s too early in the game’s lifespan for this feature to be implemented, albeit I firmly believe it would be a blast to play this game in co-op like those old-school arcades and console beat ’em ups and shoot ’em ups and all that jazz. The developer, Chasing Carrots, has not made any statements about Multiplayer in Halls of Torment.

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Will Halls of Torment have a Multiplayer Feature in the Future?

When you look at Vampire Survivors, it took them over a year and a half since the original early access release to implement multiplayer, and almost a year after the full release of the game, if you like to count it that way. Please understand that coding a single-player and multiplayer game are two pretty different worlds and it might not be an easy task to “convert” a game into a multiplayer experience that actually works well. So, don’t lose all hope, but don’t get the hopes up at the same time, if you catch my drift. If it happens – it happens.

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If we get co-op multiplayer in the future for Halls of Torment, it would be a blast if you could use a keyboard and mouse for “player one”, and use a controller for “player two”. In that case, check out Halls of Torment Controls Guide (Keyboard and Controller) which will be bound to become useful if multiplayer does happen. We have a lot of other content for HoT which you can explore under the game tag below if you are interested.

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