How Many Levels are in Halls of Torment? – Answered

Halls of Torment are many and all of them are pure pain and torture.

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Halls of Torment is killing it on Steam and is one of the two standout hits this summer, with the other being Dave the Diver. Halls of Torment has gone all-out with the number of achievements you can unlock, and the amount of content is admirable given how early we are in the development of this indie game. When you start out, you see that there are quite a few slots in the so-called “Register of Halls” (code name for levels or stages in this game), and naturally, you probably want to know how many levels are in the current game! I will show you what the currently available levels are in Halls of Torment and how to unlock all of them.

List of All Stages in Halls of Torment and how to Unlock them

At this moment, there are three playable stages in Halls of Torment:

  • Haunted Caverns
  • Ember Grounds
  • Forgotten Viaduct

There are also two slots for more stages that are currently “locked”, so as soon as they add them and I unlock them, I will add them to the list.

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Full List of Register of Halls in Halls of Torment

Naturally, you would want to unlock all of the stages, and I am here for you to provide you explanations on how to unlock each and every “Hall” in Halls of Torment. Haunted Caverns are unlocked by default, as the first stage.

1. How to Unlock Ember Grounds in Halls of Torment (Stage 2)

In order to unlock Ember Grounds in Halls of Torment, you need to defeat the Imp Chieftain, which is one of the “elites” at the Haunted Caverns stage. As soon as you complete this feat, you will get a notification at the bottom of your screen. After you finish the current run, you can try your luck at the Ember Grounds.

2. How to Unlock Forgotten Viaduct in Halls of Torment (Stage 3)

In order to unlock the Forgotten Viaduct in Halls of Torment, you need to defeat the Wraith Warlord. Wraith Warlord is one of the “elite” monsters in the Ember Grounds stage. When you manage to kill him, you will see a notification at the bottom of your screen. After the current run is concluded, you can take on the Forgotten Viaduct.

That’s all regarding unlocking all stages in Halls of Torment. If you need more good reads on Halls of Torment, you can always check out Halls of Torment vs. Vampire Survivors: Differences and Similarities and Halls of Torment Tips and Tricks for Beginners, as well as our other content on HoT, by clicking the game tag below.

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