Best Archer Build in Halls of Torment: Archer Build Guide

There will be no "you have my bow" memes in the article. I promise.

Best Archer Builds Halls of Torment
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Do not be fooled by Archer’s initial appearance. Though they might seem like a weak and slow character to the untrained eye, giving Archer the proper tools will essentially turn them into a machine gun (that runs of arrows, though) on your team. If you are looking for the Best Archer Build for Halls of Torment, I’ve got you covered, and I’ll be more than glad to go through my build in detail, which has given me quite some results.

Top Damage Build for Archer in Halls of Torment

Archer is not quite the early-game character, so I had to wait it out until I got some cool items and blessings. Trust me on this, you’ll make a rain of arrows, pretty similar to the one in this scene of the movie “Hero”. You will have to grind out some stuff but I believe it’s well worth it due to all of the numbers that you’ll accomplish.

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Best Traits for Archer in Halls of Torment

Archer is pretty straightforward when it comes to Traits:

Does it help you to kill more enemies?
Yes – Take it
No – Skip / Banish / Reroll

In no particular order:

  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Raw power
  • Extra strikes
  • Movement Speed
  • HP Regen
  • Main Weapon Traits that further any of the above-mentioned stats

Best Items for Archer in Halls of Torment

  • Head – Wind Crown (It’s a BiS, or Best in Slot), and no other item is worth taking. If you stumble upon another Head item during the run, take it for the final boss fight because you won’t really gain the Wind Crown bonus.
  • Neck – Jade Amulet is brilliant, but Collar of Confidence is something to consider, too.
  • Rings – There’s a lot to choose from here. Guiding Star > Seal of Rebirth > Echoing Band > Wooden Ring > Copper Ring > Iron Ring.
  • Chest – Hunter’s Garb > Blood-Soaked Shirt based on the runs I did with Archer.
  • Feet – Runner Shoes. That is all.
  • Hands – Hunting Gloves > Thornfists > Quickhand Gloves.

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Best Abilities for Archer in Halls of Torment

Throughout my tests, Phantom Needles and Transfixion are looking cool to have on Archer so far. I like Radiant Aura and Astronomer’s Orbs as well, for those few that come into its range, just to get quickly fried.

I wish you great enjoyment with the rapid machine gun fire and invite you to check out How to Defeat Lord of Despair, the Forgotten Viaduct Final Boss in Halls of Torment, and How Many Levels are in Halls of Torment? – Answered as well as the rest of our HoT coverage at the game tag below.

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