Best Swordsman Build in Halls of Torment: Swordsman Build Guide

Slashing through the ooorcs... with a two-handed blaaade...

Best Builds for Swordsman in Halls of Torment
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Swordsman is the warrior in the Halls of Torment gang, the very first character you will play in Halls of Torment, and the character you will probably be happy to move on from. This rings true until you get your hands on a lot of Blessings and Items. And then, it’s grinding time. Let’s talk about the build for Swordsman that has helped us demolish the DPS meter and obliterate all the evil in various Halls of Torment.

Top Damage Build for Swordsman in Halls of Torment

Let’s sharpen your Zweihander sword and get you some information on what build you can make to get the most damage out. Swordsman has quite a lot of potential, don’t let naysayers convince you otherwise.

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Best Traits for Swordsman in Halls of Torment

The usual suspects like Attack Speed, Damage, and Extra Strikes are to be taken whenever possible. Consider getting Range and Cone as well somewhere down the line, because that will expand the area to which you are dealing damage with your mighty two-handed sword. HP regen is also useful to live longer.

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Best Items for Swordsman in Halls of Torment

  • Head – Wind Crown (It’s a BiS, or Best in Slot), and no other item is worth it. If you get another head item during your run, you can use it as a replacement for the final boss fight.
  • Neck – Jade Amulett or Collar of Confidence.
  • Rings – We’re here to deal as much as weapon damage so let’s go with these: Guiding Star > Seal of Rebirth > Echoing Band > Wooden Ring > Copper Ring > Iron Ring.
  • Chest – You should get Hunter’s Garb > Blood-Soaked Shirt > Blazing Shell.
  • Feet – Runner Shoes if you’re going for “offense is the best defense” and Elven Slippers if you’re tanky.
  • Hands – Hunting Gloves or Thornfists on offensive builds, and Fencer Gauntlets on defensive builds. If you have neither, Quickhand gloves.

Best Abilities for Swordsman in Halls of Torment

We would go for Ring Blades, Transfixion, and Phantom Needles as “physical” abilities. No other specific reason. Don’t get me wrong, Astronomer’s Orbs and Radiant Aura are also great.

I hope you liked this build guide, happy grinding, and you should check out How to Unlock All Characters in Halls of Torment and Halls of Torment Tips and Tricks for Beginners if you are new to the game.

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