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Best Exterminator Build in Halls of Torment: Exterminator Build Guide


Exterminator is kind of… THE out-of-place character in Halls of Torment. In this medieval-like setting with a lot of mythical creatures, something as modern as a flamethrower might seem a bit futuristic. However, it is what it is; we have the “kill it with fire” dude in and we’re here to show off the best Exterminator builds in Halls of Torment. Check out our build guide below to ignite your enemies.

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Top Damage Build for Exterminator in Halls of Torment

I will try to keep it as simple as possible because in all reality, Exterminator is a very straightforward character.

Best Traits for Exterminator in Halls of Torment

These traits are quite beneficial for Exterminator:

  • Everything that upgrades the main weapon
  • Damage increases
  • Attack Speed
  • Range

Exterminator can “tank” if you want to build in that direction. We recommend getting HP regen for long-term sustainability. However, if you manage to build enough damage, almost nobody will be able to actually lay a finger on you.

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Best Items for Exterminator in Halls of Torment

There are not many interesting items for Exterminator in Halls of Torment at this point, but here’s what we are using at this moment:

  • Head – Wind Crown
  • Ring 1 – Seal of Rebirth
  • Neck – Jade Amulett
  • Ring 2 – Ring of Thunder or anything you like
  • Chest – Blood-Soaked Shirt
  • Feet – Runner Shoes or anything you like
  • Hands – Sparking Tips, or Quickhand Gloves, or anything you have/like

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Best Abilities for Exterminator in Halls of Torment

Everything that “burns” would be a great addition to your build as it provides synergy in your damage setup.

  • Meteor
  • Lightning Strike
  • Dragon’s Breath

However, it’s not a problem if you get something else, that’s powerful on its own.

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That’s it for our Exterminator build guide. If you are interested, you can look up our other builds here at Prima Games, such as Best Cleric Build in Halls of Torment: Cleric Build Guide through search, or by browsing the HoT game tag below.

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