Best Shield Maiden Build in Halls of Torment: Shield Maiden Build Guide

The Maiden of the Shield.

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In Halls of Torment, Shield Maiden serves as the tank character. Despite her impressive damage mitigation abilities, many assume that she lacks the ability to deal damage. However, I can assure you that this is not the case. Shield Maiden is not the top damage dealer, but she fares quite well in the Halls. I’ll show you the build that helped me finish runs successfully with Shield Maiden, along with some achievements.

Top Damage Build for Shield Maiden in Halls of Torment

I am well aware that I’ve put “Top Damage Build” in there, and I will make sure to justify that premise since it truly will be hard to produce a lot of damage with Shield Maiden. Here goes!

Best Traits for Shield Maiden in Halls of Torment

Shield Maiden has two damage sources. One is her mace, the main weapon, and the other is her shield, which she occasionally uses to produce damage in a cone in front of her.

This shield will be important for a difficult Achievement called “Shield Mastery” which we’ll go through soon.

Anyway, Traits are not very complicated and it’s all about a fine balance between:

  • Defense
  • Block
  • Health Regeneration
  • Max Health

You will often find yourself fine-tuning the build as you go. For example, if you drop a lot of Health, you’ll find ways to increase your Max HP and HP regen, and if you’re in the clear, you’ll focus on Defense and Block to decrease the damage intake.

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When possible, you should, of course, take the damage-related traits. The sad reality is that most of your damage will probably come out of your Abilities. Mace can hit well, and there is also an achievement related to critting your enemies 2000 times during a run, but that’s not something you’ll usually do. And yes, you can max out damage and rely on your dodging skills to survive, but other characters are better for that task if you ask me.

How to Get Shield Mastery Achievement for Shield Maiden in Halls of Torment

Three advice pieces for you:

  1. Max out Block -> Block increases the damage of the Shield Bash
  2. Turn off auto-attack, so that the Shield Bash can work its magic (it works autonomously)
  3. Look out for Traits that increase the Shield damage (it will say (Shield) in the name)

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Best Items for Shield Maiden in Halls of Torment

There are quite a lot of fun tanky items that you can grab, so here’s a “mini tier list” of tanking items for Halls of Torment. I focused on “Block” values a lot so that you can have great stuff in both departments, given that Block increases your Shield Bash damage.

  • Head – Wind Crown > Helmet > Hood
  • Neck – Jade Amulett > Collar of Confidence
  • Rings – Seal of Rebirth, Echoing Band, Wooden Ring
  • Chest – Blazing Shell > Plate Armor > Defiant Plate > Hunter’s Garb > Blood-soaked Shirt
  • Hands – Fancer Gauntlets > Quickhand Gloves > Longfinger Gloves
  • Feet – Elven Slippers > Plated Boots > Runner Shoes

Best Abilities for Shield Maiden in Halls of Torment

Anything that deals a ton of damage is good. You’ll need it as an assistance for your DPS. For this, I offer you my article on the best Abilities in the game:

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That’s all about the Shield Maiden that I have for you today. Check out our other guides for Halls of Torment such as Best Cleric Build in Halls of Torment: Cleric Build Guide under the game tag, here at Prima Games.

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