Best Sorceress Builds for Halls of Torment
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Best Sorceress Build in Halls of Torment: Sorceress Build Guide

Danger: High Voltage

Sorceress… The last character you unlock in Halls of Torment. One would expect that it would be a “one wand to rule them all” type of character due to Sorceress being hidden behind the most difficult unlock quest in Halls of Torment, but sadly it’s just not the case. Sorceress is indeed probably the best in Halls of Torment when it comes to single-target damage, but she kind of lacks in other departments. Here’s what I feel is the best build for Sorceress in Halls of Torment for the purposes of quickly melting elites and bosses.

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Top Damage Build for Sorceress in Halls of Torment

If you are aiming to get one of the most frustrating achievements in Halls of Torment, which requires you to put 20 Electrify stacks on a single target, you’re gonna have a bad time. I still have violent flashbacks of me attempting to do it, and even though I succeeded, I had tremendous luck. When I figure out a reliable way of getting this done, I’ll make a separate article. Whenever I play Sorceress, the Sorceress song by Opeth starts playing in the back of my head inevitably. So, let’s have Sorceress dance to the tune and shock the board with enough power to supply New York City.

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Best Traits for Sorceress in Halls of Torment

Be on the lookout for these traits that will make your lightning strikes even more powerful:

  • Duration – because it prolongs the duration of each Electrify stack.
  • Attack Speed – because it makes you attack more and apply more Electrify stacks.
  • Extra Strikes – same as above.
  • Critical Strike Chance – this is important because at some point you will be offered a trait that applies Electrify stack every time you crit.

Best Items for Sorceress in Halls of Torment

  • Head – Wind Crown (It’s a BiS, or Best in Slot), and no other item is worth using. Except for the final boss fight, where Wind Crown mostly won’t do you any good.
  • Neck – Jade Amulet and Collar of Confidence are top contenders for this slot.
  • Rings – Seal of Rebirth and Ring of Thunder would be the choice I would make. If you do not have one of these, add Wooden Ring, because down the line, crits add “electrify” stacks.
  • Chest – Hunter’s Garb > Blood-Soaked Shirt from my experience. However, in boss fights you gotta move a bit, but then again, you won’t benefit from the Blood-Soaked Shirt against most bosses.
  • Feet – Runner Shoes or Electrostatic Threads, depending on what you want with your build.
  • Hands – Hunting Gloves or Quickhand Gloves.

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Best Abilities for Sorceress in Halls of Torment

I won’t link my ability tier list here, since Sorceress is very, very specific. Here are the Abilities that may provide you with “Electrify” synergy:

  • Lightning Strike
  • Kugelblitz
  • Astronomer’s Orbs

For these abilities to flourish at their full power, you would need to be lucky enough to get the Electrify bonuses, which is tedious. But when you do get them, it’s game over for any boss and you’ll be able to burn them down in less than a minute in most cases.

Sorceress is truly mystic and mysterious until you figure out a great Electrify build. However, her defenses are weak even if you try upgrading them, so be on the lookout. If you want to read more about HoT check out How to Get Fragile Stamina Achievement in Halls of Torment and How to Get Observer Achievement in Halls of Torment here at Prima Games.

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