How to Get Fragile Stamina Achievement in Halls of Torment

Weird achievement indeed.

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Fragile Stamina is one of the Achievements in Halls of Torment that raises quite a few eyebrows due to its requirement, “Survive 20 min without regenerating health. Other health sources (e.g. potions) are allowed)”. Sounds like a piece of cake, you just need to ditch your health regeneration items and refund your Health Regeneration blessings, right? Well… Maybe. There is one core problem with Cleric to which this achievement is attached to. I will be glad to help you get this Halls of Torment achievement easily. In fact, it’s easier than you think it is.

How to Complete Fragile Stamina Quest in Halls of Torment

I did everything I mentioned in the intro paragraph and jumped into my run, determined to survive 20 minutes without regenerating health, but as soon as I took my first damage, I saw hearts still coming out of me, indicating that I still have some regeneration active… from somewhere.

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Well, you see… The problem is, Cleric has a built-in regeneration. It’s a weak regeneration, but it’s a regeneration nonetheless, which essentially shuts down your achievement hunt the moment you take any damage.

If you want to get this achievement done with Cleric, it means you must not take any damage for the first 20 minutes. It’s kind of tedious, so let’s not do that. In the achievement requirement, it’s not mentioned that you need Cleric exclusively for the quest. That’s where two of our friends come in.

Warlock and Exterminator have inherent 0.0 HP regeneration, meaning that when you refund your regeneration Blessing and unequip your regen items, you will truly have zero regeneration. That opens you to more opportunities to finish this quest because even if you take damage, you are still obeying the rule.

The last thing that remains is that you do not accidentally pick a regeneration trait as you level up, and you will be good to go. Take some Block and Defense to help yourself live longer.

That’s about it for this tricky achievement. The solution is very simple and was in front of our noses this entire time. If you want to read more about Halls of Torment here at Prima Games, check out How to Defeat Lord of Despair, the Forgotten Viaduct Final Boss in Halls of Torment and How to Unlock All Characters in Halls of Torment, and many other articles at the HoT game tag below.

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