• Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Side Mission List

    Looking to do everything in Stranger of Paradise? Staring at that Platinum Trophy and drooling a little? At this point you’ve probably figured out the whole Chaos thing, so what else can you do with all that excess Murderthirst? One of the weirder trophies to get is completing all the Side Missions because SoP isn’t […]

  • Stranger of Paradise: Full Main Mission List and Rewards

    There are a lot of variables in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins. Three difficulty settings and a fourth once the game is over, you can’t really map out things like equipment level requirements in a fun or easy way. But what you can do is list out what the missions are, where they are […]

  • Stranger of Paradise: All Bosses Listed

    It’s time for a boss guide! As of this writing I have beaten Strangers of Paradise inside and out. I got the platinum. I have not just defeated Chaos, I am chaos. Or something. Introductory paragraphs for guides are a journey y’all. Anyway, there are several boss fights in this Square Enix Soulslike, and they’re […]

  • Stranger of Paradise Chaos Difficulty Easy Grinding

    Over the past few days I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall. That brick wall is engaging with Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’s post-game difficulty mode, CHAOS. Unlocked once you finish the story, mastering this mode is more or less required if you want all the trophies/achievements. Even getting strong enough to […]