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Does Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Have Crossplay? – Answered

Oh great, another Koei Tecmo moment

by Patrick Souza
Stranger of Paradise Crossplay

After a full year of being an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, Stranger of Paradise has finally hit Steam, and with a permanently discounted price on top of that. Initially release with some glaring and widespread performance issues, the game is now in a much more playable state. Not perfect, but way better. Did I mention that it also features Co-op? Killing Chaos surely deserves a spot on the Top 10 Things to Do With Your Best Buddies, but can you still do it if all of you own the game on different platforms? Time to find out.

Is Stranger of Paradise Crossplay? – Answered

Unfortunately, there is no Crossplay in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. New players from Steam can only play the game with those who also own it in Valve’s platform, and cannot enjoy some double trouble action with those who got it on Epic Games back in the day. Same thing with consoles, and you can only play along with those on the same platform as you. 

The game has received a new patch following its Steam re-release on April 2023, but aside from some new cosmetics and some usual patch stuff, no mention of Crossplay was made anywhere in the Patch Notes. Co-op does work, but you might expect some connection issues as you tackle it. 

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But there’s still a chance for this feature to be added later, especially now that more people are giving the game another chance after months of fixes. Nioh 2 (also from Koei Tecmo) is a good example as the game initially came out without Crossplay, but that was eventually added in a further patch. 

As Stranger of Paradise has no new DLCs announced to this date, any future patches are most likely to be focused on major issues and other small, QoL features for the game. Crossplay might just be one of them, so let’s just wait and see.

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