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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins Hits Steam on April

We can still kill Chaos one year later

by Patrick Souza
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Steam

One year after its release, and with all of their extra content finally out, Jack and his crew are finally punching their way out of Epic Games. Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin will be available for Steam players starting April 6, and with a permanently discounted price too! 

After a controversial, wacky release where the game was praised for everything but its overall performance (it has peak dialogue, and you can’t tell me otherwise), the game kept going on with more and more expansions. Now those who outright refused to get that game on Epic now have another option to experience Jack’s story.

Lower Price? More Like Actual Paradise

With the announcement on Twitter, we’re also informed that the game will now have a permanently discounted price on every platform to accompany its re-release on Valve’s gaming service, including on Epic itself.

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The price wasn’t updated yet, and the new values weren’t revealed either, but the best assumption is to expect the game to cost around $49,99 based on Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion pricing on Steam itself. It might actually be lower, so we need to wait and see. There’s no official page for the game on Steam yet, and it might just be added when it’s finally out next month.

With three expansion packs available to the game (still sold separately, no info if they’re getting a price cut, too), it might be the best time to pick it up if you were one of those who attempted to play it on release but couldn’t bear the poor performance. Things are definitely better on PC (and all other platforms) after a whole year of patches and fixes, so why not give it a chance?

As a bonus, the game’s Soundtrack is also available on Spotify now! No Limp Bizkit here, but you can now make a flawless playlist that Jack is definitely listening to during the whole game. Those battle themes shouldn’t be allowed to go that hard.

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