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Stranger of Paradise: Full Main Mission List and Rewards

This information is also available on the, uh, World Map

by Lucas White

There are a lot of variables in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins. Three difficulty settings and a fourth once the game is over, you can’t really map out things like equipment level requirements in a fun or easy way. But what you can do is list out what the missions are, where they are and perhaps most importantly what rewards they carry. So since Jack Garland has some business to take care of, like, yesterday, here’s the full Main Mission list and rewards for Stranger of Paradise.

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The list is organized with the Mission title first, then the location, then the rewards. In Chaos mode every Mission has totally different rewards, while most have a slight difference between Action and Hard mode if at all. So for the purposes of this, if there’s a difference noted you can consider the first number is Story and Action, then if there’s a backslash or two it’s Hard/Chaos or just Chaos. Only Chaos mode Missions hand out Anima Crystals, so there’s your indicator. Commas mean you get multiple rewards at that difficulty.

  • A Desperate Struggle – ??? – N/A
  • Illusion at Journey’s End – Chaos Shrine – Anima Shard x2/Anima Crystal x2
  • In Memories – Cornelia – N/A
  • Dawn of a New Journey – Cornelia Bridge – N/A
  • The Journey Begins – Pravoka Seagrot – Anima Shard x2/Anima Crystal x2
  • Audience with the Dark Elf – Western Keep – Anima Shard x3/x5/Anima Crystal x3
  • Natural Distortion – Refrin Wetlands – Anima Shard x3/x5/Limit Release: Mage x1, Anima Crystal x1
  • A Familiar Place – Crystal Mirage – Anima Shard x3/x4/Limit Release: Duelist x1, Anima Crystal x1
  • Memories of Wind – Flying Fortress – Anima Shard x4/x5/Limit Release: Lancer x1, Anima Crystal x1
  • Memories of Poison – Wicked Arbor – Anima Shard x4/x5/Limit Release: Lancer x1, Anima Crystal x1
  • Memories of Fire – Mount Gulg – Anima Shard x4/x5/Alkaid Axe, Dark Cuirass Leg Armor, Anima Crystal x8
  • Phantoms of the Past – Hallowed Massif – Anima Shard x4/x5/Rogue’s Bands Hand Armor, Savage Knuckles, Anima Crystal x8
  • Memories of Earth – Cavern of Earth – Anima Shard x4/x5/Anima Crystal x2
  • To Remember – Ruins of Machina – Anima Shard x4/x5/Limit Release: Dragoon x1, Anima Crystal x1
  • Memories of Water – Sunken Shrine – Anima Shard x8/x9/Limit Release: Thief x1, Anima Crystal x1
  • The False Warriors – Cornelia – N/A
  • Schemes of the Past – Ancients’ Tower – Anima Shard x7/x9/Limit Release: Knight x1, Anima Crystal x1
  • Remembering Home – Vigilia Court – Anima Shard x7/x9/Limit Release: Monk x1, Anima Crystal x2
  • The Suffering of Fools – Terra Tortura – Anima Shard x7/x9/Anima Crystal x3
  • Stranger of Paradise – Cornelia – N/A
  • Warriors of Calamity – Chaos Shrine – Anima Shard x7/x9/Limit Release: Liberator x1, Anima Crystal x1

That’s a lot! You could ask me for item drop details but I’d probably just laugh at you a little. Those don’t matter a whole lot anyway. We’ll be throwing up a similar guide for Side Missions, but there are a lot more of those so it’ll be a minute. This would’ve been up earlier but I kept uninstalling the game every time I hit a milestone. Thank Chaos for unlimited data plans, am I right?

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