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Best Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger: Sigils Tier List

One Sigil to rule them a- wait, you can have two!

by Nikola L

Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger are a mechanic that allows you to change the Unknown and play with different powers and bonuses in each run. Each time you start a Hell run, you can choose different Sigils that you will be using. There is a limit of two Sigils per run, and in this article, we will sort the Metal: Hellsinger Sigils from best to worst in form of a Tier List.

Top Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger: Tier List of Sigils

There are seven sigils that you can unlock in Metal: Hellsinger and we will sort them below for you, starting with the best one in our opinion:

Ghost Rounds Sigil

The Ghost Rounds Sigil grants you attacks that do not spend ammo when you switch between weapons and allow you to make a combination of two ammo-based weapons, such as Vulcan and The Hounds, that results in you never having to reload, assuming you switch your weapons before the free shots run out. Absolutely busted, broken, nerf it, please.

How to Unlock Ghost Rounds Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger Torment

Unyielding Fury Sigil

If you are trying to start a level strong, this Sigil is for you. At Rank 3, it will allow you to begin a run with 16x Fury already, and your Fury will never drop below 4x. See also how you can keep your Fury from dropping in this article.

How to Unlock Unyielding Fury Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger Torment

Last Breath Aegis Sigil

The less health you have, the more damage you deal. It’s a good Sigil that will help you recover from a bad situation and reach a Slaughter possibility faster.

How to Unlock Last Breath Aegis Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger Torment

Boon Momentum Sigil

Boons are also a mechanic in Metal: Hellsinger that are related to the Hit Streak. The bigger the streak, the cooler stuff you can do. This Sigil eases the process of getting them as it shortens the required Hit Streak. It was a tough decision between Boon Momentum Sigil and Streak Guardian Sigil for this spot on the list, even though you can use both of them together.

How to Unlock Boon Momentum Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger Torment

Read more about Boons here: All Boons in Metal: Hellsinger Listed and How to Unlock Them

Streak Guardian Sigil

When you get hit, you usually lose the Hit Streak. This Sigil prevents you from losing it, but only a couple of times. This Sigil is great for pumping your score up and getting achievements related to long Hit Streaks.

How to Unlock Streak Guardian Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger Torment

Ultimate Sovereignty Sigil

Ultimate Sovereignty allows your Ultimate to slowly charge over time with each beat of the song. Overall, it’s useful, but there are better choices.

How to Unlock Ultimate Sovereignty Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger Torment

The Perfectionist Sigil

When you hit a Perfect hit you get significantly more Fury, which will help you propel to 16x Fury much faster. However, Unyielding Fury exists, along with the mechanic of keeping the Fury from dropping, so we would say that this Sigil is not that good compared to what others can offer.

How to Unlock The Perfectionist Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger Torment

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