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How to Keep Your Fury up in Metal: Hellsinger Without Enemies Around

Keep it at 16x forever with these simple steps.

Metal: Hellsinger has an unorthodox method of calculating damage and takes into account whether or not you are hitting your attack button with proper timing (“on the beat”) and also checks how long your hit streak is, and of course, the Fury Multiplier that is maintained by hitting the enemies. However, you will end up in a situation where you are running between two Arenas and there are no enemies around to hit, you risk losing your multiplier and entering the next combat phase with significantly less damage, which can be tedious. In this guide, Prima Games explains how to keep your fury multiplier active until you get the chance to attack another enemy.

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How to Maintain Fury in Metal: Hellsinger When No Enemies Are Around

When you are done with the fight or have just cleared one wave of the enemies and you need to wait for the next one to spawn and come closer to you, preserve your Fury multiplier high because, ultimately, it eases the process of destroying the demons that the game sends your way.

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In order to not lose Fury, you should take out our dear skull friend Paz. After that, you just need to keep hitting the wall or floor with Paz “on the beat.” This will keep filling your current multiplier bonus to the top (it won’t be able to go to a higher multiplier). While Paz doesn’t have a lot of damage compared to some other weapons, he is very useful for situations like this.
It’s absolutely what everyone should expect from a supporting character like them.

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