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Image via Funcom Press Kit

All Singers and Their Bands in Metal: Hellsinger Listed

Metal Metal Revolution, a child of Doom Eternal and Dance Dance Revolution

Metal: Hellsinger is a fresh new take on the “Arena Shooter” FPS subgenre which mostly reminds people of Doom Eternal, but the plot twist is that you need to attack your enemies in the rhythm of the music of the game. And it’s not just that.
The developers of the game have managed to gather famous metal vocalists from all over the world to participate in this game’s creation, and it seems that they have hit the bingo. In essence, think of it as a mix of Doom Eternal, Bullets Per Minute, and Dance Dance Revolution.

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Every Singer in Metal: Hellsinger Listed

There are nine singers that were selected and recruited to lend their voices for this game, and we may confirm that the line-up visible on the official website really gathered great names from the modern metal scene from this millennium.
With the cast of just two voice actors, these nine singers truly round up this game well. More about them below:

Tatiana Shmayluk

Image via Funcom Press Center

Tatiana sings for the Ukrainian band Jinjer (groove/progressive/metalcore/modern metal), which has four studio albums and three EPs, along with one live album. If you’ve never heard of Jinjer before, try Pisces, it seems to be their most popular song. Tatiana has a great vocal range, and she is regarded as the best female metal vocalist and a Queen of Metal at the moment.
If you listen to their discography, you will see hear that they have been evolving their sound a lot and you will be able to hear a lot of different genre influences.
Roman Ibramkhalilov (guitar), Eugene Abdukhanov (bass), and Vladislav Ulasevich (drums) are also very talented musicians and you never know what to expect next from this band. Jinjer’s live performances are always highly energetic, Tatiana is always creative and probably never wears the same stage outfit twice and the fanbase seems to be growing exponentially Jinjer is one of the biggest modern-era metal bands for sure!

Image via Funcom Press Center (Oleg Rooz)

Mikael Stanne

Image via Funcom Press Center

Mikael sings for Swedish band Dark Tranquillity (melodic death metal), The Halo Effect (melodic death metal), and Grand Cadaver (death metal), and used to sing for In Flames on their first album (melodic death metal) and HammerFall (power metal) in the early phases of those two bands (although parted ways with HammerFall prior to their first album. He has a very characteristical and recognizable death metal growl, and decent “cleans” as well. Dark Tranquillity is a band that has evolved over time and hopefully, you’ll have a great listen if you like what you hear in-game from Mikael!
Mikael is really a down-to-earth kind of guy, a family man, and he takes time to interact with fans when possible. It is common that female backing vocals in The Mundane and The Magic are performed by a random audience member that’s close to the bar. Another fun trivia: Current singer of In Flames (Anders Friden) sang on the first Dark Tranquillity album. This was fairly common, as the Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal scene was really big back in the day and all musicians knew each other basically. Former In Flames member Jesper Stromblad is now in The Halo Effect. And also, In Flames shared a music video with Soilwork, the band’s singer we’ll be introducing next.

Björn (Speed) Strid

Image via Funcom Press Center (Ilona Gersymova)

Bjorn sings for Swedish band Soilwork (melodic death metal early, progressive now) and The Night Flight Orchestra (hard rock), and Act of Denial (melodic death metal), used to sing for Disarmonia Mundi on four albums, and has a great range on his vocals and is regarded as one of the best male metal vocalists right now. He has had so many guest appearances and it’s impossible to fit them all into this article. I have seen Soilwork live and I can confirm that he kicks ass live as well! If you like what you hear from Bjorn, you know what bands to look through!

Randy Blythe

Image via Funcom Press Center (Travis Shinn)

You just can’t have modern death metal without good ol’ Randall. He sings for the USA death metal band Lamb of God and is one of the best extreme/death metal vocalists along with the likes of Corpsegrinder, Phil Bozeman, Jeff Walker, Mikael Akerfeldt, CJ MacMahon, and the late Chuck Schuldiner for example. If you like how Randy sounds you’ll have a heck of a time exploring the Lamb of God discography!

Matt Heafy

Image via Funcom Press Center (Tom Russell)

Matt is the lead singer of the USA band Trivium (Metalcore/Thrash/Heavy metal), one of the biggest modern-era metal bands. He wasn’t supposed to be a singer originally, but he was persuaded into trying, and eventually, it became a success!
However, he has blown his voice back in 2014 on stage, which lead him to enroll in singing lessons with the late Ron Anderson, who helped him sing better, while not damaging his vocal cords any further. We are mentioning this in case you decide to try and sing death metal growls: take some lessons from a reputable vocal trainer and practice gradually, with moderation, and it won’t damage your vocal cords at all basically. Health and safety first!
Matt also has another solo project called Ibaraki (extreme metal) which has Japanese folklore legends for the main lyrical theme (since Matt is part-American, part-Japanese)

Serj Tankian

Oh come on, you all know who Serj is! System of a Down’s Chop Suey has over a billion views on YouTube alone and the band was seemingly a blast out of nowhere in the late 90s / early 2000s period. They shelled out five albums in eight years and then just disappeared due to creative differences. They sporadically perform since the 2010s and there is no new material since the last album they dropped back in 2005, apart from two singles Protect the Land and Genocidal Humanoidz. Allegedly, there is a dozen of new songs in the works, but again, creative differences between the band members and other undisclosed factors are keeping the System of a Down fans thirsty. We hope that the drought will end soon.

Dennis Lyxen (Lyxzén)

Image via Funcom Press Center (Sara Almgren)

Dennis is the singer of Swedish bands Refused (Swedish hardcore punk), INVSN, and Fake Names. Dennis has also given voice to Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077.

James Dorton

Image via Funcom Press Center (Tyler Katsigiannis)

James Dorton is the vocalist of Black Crown Initiate, Progressive Death Metal from the USA. It’s a very specific and interesting, not your everyday death metal band. They are kind of criminally underrated in our opinion. James has an absolutely sick voice and they’re worth listening to if you’re into this type of metal. Some people say it reminds them of Opeth at times.

Alissa White-Gluz

Image via Funcom Press Center (Tim Tronckoe)

Alissa is currently singing for Arch Enemy (melodic death metal) and boy did she have hard shoes to fill! Alissa is with Arch Enemy for the past three albums since Angela Gossow retired and moved to the band manager’s position. Originally, she just continued the tradition of singing growl vocals, but eventually, the band opened up for clean vocal sections in some songs.
Alissa definitely has decent clean vocals as well, which she has successfully shown during her time in The Agonist, and fans of Arch Enemy seem to love them! Arch Enemy has really gone a long way since the 90s.

That’s it for this list. We hope you have found it informational and interesting, and we invite you to follow our Metal: Hellsinger tag below since we will cover this game in-depth as soon as possible.

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