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How to Unlock Boon Momentum Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger Torment

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by Nikola L

If you are looking for a way to mix things up in Metal: Hellsinger and give some new powers to Unknown, you ought to try out some of the Sigils during your runs in various Hells. Boon Momentum Sigil is the Sigil we are covering in this article here at Prima Games, and we will give you some tips on how to unlock it more efficiently.

How to Beat Relic Theft Torment in Metal: Hellsinger

Boon Momentum Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger can be unlocked as soon as you clear the first Hell, Voke. When you go back to stage selection, you will see the Relic Thief I Torment at the bottom of the Torment list.

The Rank 1 fight is absolutely easy and probably one of the easiest ones. You have a cap of 30 seconds on your timer, kills give you a lot of time, you have Persephone and Terminus to choose from, and there are a couple of power-ups that you can pick up which enable 3x higher damage for a short period of time, along with the ability to charge up your Ultimate and unlimited ammo. Realistically speaking, you can finish the run with any of these two weapons, and without picking up those power-ups. Just have a steady aim and keep moving sideways to dodge the attacks of many Behemoths that will keep coming your way.

Ranks 2 fight is more of the same, and Rank 3 just has a reduced time cap to 20 seconds, and you will be using Vulcan and Hellcrow mostly. Hellcrow might be the best choice, and the advice is to save the Ultimate powerups for the moments when you are running low on time because the Ultimate of Hellcrow will just evaporate everything that is within a few meters of you and fill up your time remaining. Also, when you are low on health, try to tap the Slaughter button right after your attack button, and you can stack the Slaughter animation like that and get healed anyway.

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