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All Combos in Metal: Hellsingers

C-c-c-combo breaker!

by Nikola L

Combos are a great thing that you can pull off in Metal: Hellsingers to ease the process of annihilating your foes on all stages.
And the best thing is, it increases your Fury and Score, which you will also find useful. However, the issue with Combos is that they are not revealed so you need to accidentally do them to make them appear… Or you can accidentally stumble upon our Prima Games guide (like you did just now) and get the entire list immediately.

Every Combo In Metal: Hellsingers Listed

The list of combos is below, in the same order they are seen in the game, so if you are missing just a few when you have finished, you will easily locate what exactly you need to do to complete the unlocks. There are 11 combos in Metal: Hellsinger. Good luck!

When you’re done with the Combos, you can hop on to All Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger.

  • Triple Dash
    While moving, press Dash three times in a row on the beat (aim for Perfect)
  • Double Slaughter
    When an enemy is stunned and “E” (or any button you’ve mapped for Slaughter) appears on them, with a pulsing square symbol (rotated by 45 degrees to be exact), hit “E” while looking at it on the beat (aim for Perfect), and Unknown will dash to that enemy and Slaughter (Execute) it, and regain you some health in the process. The trick to pulling off a double slaughter is to have two stunned enemies at the same time so you can dash between both of them in quick succession.
  • Devil’s Flight
    We will introduce what is called a “Soar” movement. You do it by pressing the Dash and Jump buttons simultaneously. After that, press Jump, and then Dash on the beat. It kind of simulates the strafe jumping from Quake games. Just mash the buttons if all else fails.
  • Styx Reload
    Destroy the Styx Crystal (you will stumble upon it as you progress, do not worry).
  • Unholy Mess
    Explained under “Double Slaughter”. You just need to kill one enemy with a weapon, and then, in quick succession, Slaughter an enemy.
  • Hell’s Heartbeat
    Quick Reload (R) – You will see a yellow arrow instead of the usual gray one. Hit R on the beat and you will reload your weapon insanely fast. And then destroy a Styx Crystal.
  • Slaughter and Kill
    Slaughter an enemy, and then quickly kill another one with your weapon.
  • Death From Above
    Perform a Soar (Dash + Jump) and then land a Slaughter. This might be tricky, but don’t give up.
  • Five Endings
    Kill five enemies in a row.
  • Shatter Two
    Destroy two destructible items in a row.
  • Chaos Flight
    Soar (Jump + Dash), Jump, and then destroy a Chaos Crystal.

That’s it for these combos. Thank you for staying until the end of the article! We want to invite you to look through our other Metal: Hellsinger articles under the game tag below.

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