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All Boons in Metal: Hellsinger Listed and How to Unlock Them

Boons for noobs!

by Nikola L

Boons are a Hit Streak-related mechanic in Metal: Hellsinger which grant you additional temporary bonuses and powers depending on how long your Hit Streak is. We go in-depth about what Boons are in Metal: Hellsinger, what they do, and how you can unlock them in this guide so strap in.

How to Unlock Boons in Metal: Hellsinger

We will sort the Boons in chronological order below for you. Make sure to check our other Metal: Hellsinger articles under our game tag below if you need any help with any part of the game.

Enduring Fury

The first Boon that you will see is the Enduring Fury. You will be able to use it after you clear the first Hell (Voke). The official game description reads: “When your Hit Streak reaches 6, the rate at which your Fury fades slows down.”

This feels pretty useful when you are out of combat, but there is another way to keep your Fury from dropping to the lower multiplier so it’s lucky that it doesn’t occupy a slot that can be used for something better, like one of the Sigils that also do this.

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Faster Ultimate Gain

The second Boon is “Faster Ultimate Gain.” You will get it after you clear Stygia (second Hell). The official game description reads: “When your Hit Streak reaches 14, you gain a bonus to how fast you can build up your Ultimate.”

This one is serious business. If your Ultimate is on Cooldown, switch to another weapon and build the Ultimate for it as long as your Hit Streak lasts.

Deadlier Dash

Deadlier Dash is the third Boon that shows up in Metal: Hellsinger and after you finish the third Hell called Incaustis you’ll get it. The official game description reads When your Hit Streak gets to 22, you will gain a damage bonus to your Dash,” meaning that you can headbutt demons.

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Explosive Slaughters

They saved the coolest one for last. But it’s okay, you can revisit older levels with newly unlocked stuff to pump up your score. After you clear Nihil (fourth Hell) this will be unlocked, and the official game description reads: “When your Hit Streak gets to 30, your Slaughters become area-of-effect (AoE) explosions.”

You can also get more points if you kill additional demons with this ability.

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