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How to Unlock Unyielding Fury Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger Torment

This one is gonna make you sweat and tryhard.

Sigils are a method to alter the abilities the Unknown will have during your runs in various Hells in Metal: Hellsinger. It is possible to unlock them (and their higher ranks) by clearing a Hell and then clearing the Torment challenges that appear under the stage that you have just completed. Most of these Torments require you to do a specific challenge and you can generally win most of them with a bit of strategic thinking, a calm mind, and a steady hand for the best aim. In this guide, Prima Games covers how to unlock the Unyielding Fury Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger. Enjoy.

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How to Beat Giantslayer Torment in Metal: Hellsinger

Unyielding Fury Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger is the fourth Sigil that can be unlocked, and it’s doable right after you clear the second Hell Stygia. You can simply select the Giantslayer I Torment (the first Torment on the Hell).

The twist with the Giantslayer Torment is that you need to kill 10 Behemoths (at Rank 1) but progressively, through your run, weapons are stripped away from you. You originally start with Terminus, Persephone, and The Hounds. After a few kills, Persephone is taken away from you, then The Hounds, and finally, the last few kills need to be done with your Sword Terminus.
There are no specific tactics that you can apply here, except training with Terminus along with sideways movement that will help you evade Behemoth’s attacks, which is crucial until the moment where you charge up Terminus’ Ultimate which will allow you to just slice and dice everything until the end of the stage.

At Rank 2, you will have Hellcrow, The Hounds, and Terminus, and your goal is to kill 10 Stalkers. Stalkers are very tricky, can teleport to you, can stab you while dashing, and all that jazz. You might have some issues here, but keep practicing. When you kill a Stalker, you’ll get a lot of time. Also, you cannot heal from the Slaughter mechanic, so take care of those rare green crystals, and use the other ones to blow enemies up for more damage.

At Rank 3, you will have The Hounds, Persephone, and Terminus. Your goal is to kill 10 Elites, and you can only get healed using the Green Crystals. Siege Behemoth, Shield Cambion, 2x Shield Cambion, Void Stalker, Shield Cambion, Siege Behemoth, and Void Stalker, Shield Cambion is the approximate order of appearance.

At the start of the run just shoot the crystal next to the first Siege Behemoth and drag him to the right one. You NEED this early kill. Use the Shotgun (Persephone) and try to save the Ultimate for the two Shield Cambions because after them you are losing it.

Tactics for Siege Behemoth: Fireball around Siege Behemoth bad. Pulsing fire circle that keeps expanding bad (jump over it), and he’ll shoot fireballs at you with a different pattern.

Tactics for Shield Cambion: Slay with Terminus or run around his back to put lead in his kidneys lol. Expanding fire ring bad.
Tactics for Void Stalker: Blue light bad.

Hopefully, this helps! Stay tuned to more articles and guides for Metal: Hellsinger by clicking the game tag below.

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