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How to Unlock Ghost Rounds Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger Torment

Here ghosty ghosty ghosty...

by Nikola L

Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger are a form of a permanent power-up that you can toggle before you enter a Hell with the Unknown, and they are unlocked by clearing a Torment for each of them. Torments for each stage are opened after you clear their Hell stage. In this article, Prima Games delivers some tips on how to unlock the Ghost Rounds Sigil in Metal: Hellsinger.

How to Beat Weapon Trickery Torment in Metal: Hellsinger

For this Torment challenge, you will use Terminus (Sword) and Persephone (Shotgun). After each kill you make, the weapon is automatically switched (you do not choose what you are fighting with).

After you clear the Voke Hell you will be able to choose the second Torment called Weapon Trickery. This one is a lot less stressful than the previous one (Streak Guardian) because your time limit cap is 15 seconds, so there’s plenty of time to maneuver around the map and time your kills.

Around the 20th kill, you will encounter a Behemoth which is the only “problematic” part of this run. The trick to defeating him with the Terminus is to move around him because he takes a long time to swing his great sword, so basically, you can easily dodge his attacks. If you have a lesser demon around, kill it with Terminus to get the Persephone and then slamdunk and dab on the Behemoth.

Rank 2 is more diverse in terms of weapons that you use (Terminus, Persephone, The Hounds, Vulcan) and the lovely thing about Vulcan is that there is no ammo limit! Just play calmly and you’ll (eventually) get it right.

Rank 3 has all the weapons sans Paz. We have no further advice to add except to watch your time and DO NOT go for Slaughter combos when you have 1-2 seconds on the clock because your time WILL expire by the time the animation for the execution resolves, and to try and kill the weakest demons (Marionette and Cambion) when you need to force-cycle your weapon, and/or replenish your time.

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