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How to Evolve Magic Wand into Holy Wand in Vampire Survivors


by Nikola L

Magic Wand is one of many ranged weapons in Vampire Survivors which you will probably like a lot in the early stages of the game. There is a more powerful version of it called Holy Wand, and in this article, we’ll show you how to evolve it here at Prima Games.

How to Unlock Magic Wand in Vampire Survivors

The Magic Wand is available from the start of the game so no unlocking is needed. In addition to that, Imelda Belpaese has it as her default weapon. Imelda is also available by default so you can easily pick her to speed up the evolution process.

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If you have evolved any other Basic Weapon by now, you already know the drill, but if you are still new to the game, we will run you through the process quickly:

You must first get the maximum level of the weapon you want to evolve. You do this by picking the Magic Wand when offered in the level-up menu whenever possible, or by trying to get the next level of the weapon by a lucky roll from a Treasure Chest (which is not that likely, so we recommend you save the Chests for evolutions!).

When you finish this slightly troublesome task, you must pick up at least one level of the Passive Item that is mandatory for the evolution to happen. The other ingredient to the evolution of the Magic Wand into the Holy Wand is the Empty Tome.

Empty Tome is a Passive Item that grants an 8% Cooldown Reduction for all of your weapons per level (maximum of 40%). You unlock the Empty Tome by holding six different weapons at once during any run with any character.

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Empty Tome is available as a Stage item in Inlaid Library (in the far west) and Moongolow (close to your spawn).

After getting the Magic Wand to the maximum level and at least one level of the Empty tome, you are ready for the evolution. In almost all cases, the game will give you the evolution of the weapon that you are eligible to evolve. Two times during your run, the game will drop an Arcana chest which only drops Arcanas (assuming that you have unlocked the Randomazzo) and you will have to try your luck with the next Treasure Chest.

Holy Wand looks very similar to the Magic Wand visually (attack animation included) but it’s significantly more powerful.

It is also a starting weapon of a cool secret character called Leda. We don’t want to spoil anything else so we encourage you to test it out with various Arcanas.

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