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Can You Still Get the Chocorpokkur Butterfinger Mount in FFXIV? – Answered

If you let this mount slip through your fingers, sounds like you're a Butterfingers

by Jesse Vitelli

Mounts are a huge part of the draw of FFXIV. Being able to ride your favorite summons, weird creatures, and even a Pod from the NeiR series. Oftentimes, the coolest ones require a lot of work or are involved in some limited-time event. This is true from the Chocorpokkur mount in Final Fantasy 14, which was part of a promotional event with Butterfingers. Can you still get this mount in FFXIV?

Can You Still Get the Chocorpokkur Butterfinger Mount?

So, the short answer is no, the event ended on June 30, 2021. However, there is a way to get a very similar-looking mount in the game.

If you head over to the Gold Saucer, you’ll be able to pick up the Korpokkur Kolossus mount for 750,000 MGP. Now it’s not the same exact mount, most notably this one is green instead of the normal brown color of the Chocorpokkur. However, it’s a way to get a mount that at least looks sort of like it.

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It will cost you a ton of MGP, you’ll need to run a lot of GATES, fashion week reports, and Gold Saucer challenges in order to afford it, so start hitting the Gold Saucer now.

The Butterfinger promotion might come back someday, FFXIV just brought back the GARO collaboration that ended a few years ago, so these things do happen.

If not, it’s possible it could show up again at the Mog Station, FFXIV’s online store for purchasing items with real money. For now, though, the Chocorpokku is just a mount of legend, a mount to flaunt to friends and other players that you were there, during the Butterfinger Final Fantasy 14 cross-brand promotion.

You didn’t have to kill a big boss or fight your way through a difficult dungeon, you just had to hand over five dollars for a Butterfingers, and it was yours. It was a simpler time.

You might be able to find someone selling a code secondhand on eBay, but always be careful when doing transactions this way.

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