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All Daedalian Key Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

These little guys fly around quickly!

by Madison Benson
All Daedalian Key Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Early in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll encounter a side quest from Nellie Oggspire, asking you to search for a Daedalian Key. Following this, she’ll reveal that numerous keys exist around Hogwarts, prompting you to go on an adventure to find them, unlock House Cabinets and collect tokens for your common room chest. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to explore a comprehensive list of every Daedalian Key and House Cabinet location in Hogwarts Legacy.

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All Daedalian Key Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

There are 16 Daedalian Keys scattered around the Hogwarts School of Wizardry for you to find. While this means you won’t have to venture out to Hogsmeade, you’ll have to look around every part of the school to spot these keys and their respective cabinets. Just be careful since these little guys are a bit tricky to spot at first! Make sure to use Revelio if you’re having trouble spotting them initially.

With all that said, let’s get into the list of all 16 Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy.

Astronomy Tower

When you first begin the mission, the quest marker will point you toward a key in the Astronomy Tower. If you have the Astronomy Tower Floo Flame unlocked, use this to head toward the marker, leading you directly to the key. It’ll also bring you to the House Cabinet, where you’ll begin the minigame to unlock the container and grab the token.

The second key in the Astronomy Tower is where you begin relying on your searching skills. Head to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom Floo Flame and run down the nearby stairs. The key is near the Skeleton statue, which will lead you back up the stairs, past the Floo Flame, to the cabinet.

Hogwarts Legacy Astronomy Tower Key

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The South Wing

The South Wing has three Daedalian Keys to discover, with all three requiring the use of Alohomora. Starting from the Faculty Tower Floo Flame, head left and enter the doors where you first learn Alohomora with Gladwin Moon. Climb the stairs to where the Arithmancy puzzle doors are located to find the first Daedalian Key. It’ll lead you downstairs into a small alcove next to the staircase.

Hogwarts Legacy South Wing First Daedalian Key

The second Key is back up the stairs, similar to the first. However, you’ll want to continue up the stairs until you reach the area with the Prefect’s Bathroom and the hallway full of portraits. Head down this hall to see the key floating above the wooden platform. It’ll lead you back down the hallway, with the House Cabinet just beside the Prefect Bathroom door.

Hogwarts Legacy South Wing Hospital Daedalian Key

The last key of the South Wing also requires the use of Alohomora. Starting from the Clock Tower Courtyard, head into the dueling area and unlock the level one lock on the door next to the courtyard entrance. Go up the stairs and enter the clock room until you see the key near the swinging pendulum. The key will lead you into the other open doorway, where, after climbing the stairs, has the House Cabinet situated to your left.

Hogwarts Legacy South Wing Clock Tower Key

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The Bell Tower

Your next stop to find a quick Daedalian Key is the Bell Tower! Go to the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame and, facing away from the flame, turn left up the staircase. After the first flight, rather than turning left up the second set, go toward the wooden door to find the key at the top of the staircase. Follow it up the next set of stairs and turn two corners to discover the House Cabinet.

Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Daedalian Key

For the following key, you’ll want to head to the same Floo Flame, go up the stairs and enter the door again. Instead of going up the stairs, though, you’ll want to head downstairs and enter the door to your right. Follow the path, running past the horse armor, until you reach the dragon statue. The Daedalian Key will fly back up the stairs, where you’ll find the cabinet against the far wall.

Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Dragon Statue Key

For the last Daedalian Key in the Bell Tower, head back toward the dragon statue and turn right down the corridor. Once you approach the door, turn right to find the Daedalian Key flying around the hallway. After running toward it, the key will go down the hall, past the barrels toward the House cabinet next to a flaming brazier.

Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Dungeon Daedalian Key

The Library Annex

Of the five locations we’re visiting today, the Library Annex houses the most keys, with four available throughout the area. The first key is close to the Potions classroom entrance. Starting from the Potions Classroom Floo Flame, head right through the doors and turn left toward the stairwell. The key will fly down the stairs once you approach it, leading you to the House Cabinet at the end of the hallway.

Hogwarts Legacy Library Annex Potions Key
The little rascal got away before I could take a picture! Once you approach this doorway, the key will fly down for you to follow.

We’ll head right into the library itself for the next one, starting at the Library Floo Flame. When you reach the Floo Flame, go right toward the tables of students studying and look toward the bookshelves. The Daedalian Key is in the center of the entranceway between the bookshelves. To find the House Cabinet, head back toward the Floo Flames and turn right until you see it on your left.

Hogwarts Legacy Library Annex Key

The following two keys are in similar spots, starting at the Central Hall Floo Flame. Beginning here, head down the stairs and turn right at the statue. Go down the stairs and turn left at the doors to find the first Daedalian Key. After approaching it, it’ll lead you up the stairs, past the statue, toward the Arithmancy puzzle door next to the Transfiguration Courtyard entrance. The cabinet is against the wall across from this door.

Hogwarts Legacy Greenhouse Entrance Daedalian Key

To find the last key of this area, start at the Central Hall Floo Flame again. Head up the stairs until you reach a door with two staircases on either side of the foyer. Turn right, but instead of heading up the stairs, go around and look behind them to find the key. It’ll fly down the stairs in front of the wooden doors you just passed, where you’ll turn right and see the cabinet next to a knight statue.

Hogwarts Legacy Central Hall Stairs Key

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The Great Hall

The Great Hall also has a few Daedalian Keys for you to find. To find the first one, head to the Great Hall Floo Flame and turn left toward the fireplace. The Key is flying around the fireplace and, when you approach it, will zoom back toward you. Run past the Floo Flame and turn right up the stairwell to find the House Cabinet.

Hogwarts Legacy Great Hall First Daedalian Key

Finding the second key is a similar process. Starting from the Great Hall Floo Flame again, turn left and head out the main entrance. Continue running through the doors until you reach a set of staircases, portraits and a lone Daedalian Key floating around the area. The House Cabinet is down the stairs to your right, where you’ll turn the corner and find the cabinet next to a boar statue.

Hogwarts Legacy Great Hall Second Key
The key appears above the stairs before quickly flying away.

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Grand Staircase

To begin looking for the first Daedalian Key in this area, head to the Quad Courtyard Floo Flame and head south past the dragon statue. Head up the stone stairs to find the Key flying around the massive archway heading east. The key will lead you back down the stairs, southwest past the mermaid statue and around the corner to the cabinet next to the wooden door.

Hogwarts Legacy Grand Staircase Outside Key

For the final Daedalian key, go to the Grand Staircase Tower Floo Flame and turn right into the entrance toward the large staircase. Head down the staircase until you find the Daedalian Key flying around. Go down the stairs and turn right toward the Arithmancy puzzle door, running past it until you see the House Cabinet against the wall.

Hogwarts Legacy Grand Staircase Key

Once you have all sixteen keys, head to your common room and open your House Chest! After claiming the reward, head back to Nellie to wrap up the Daedalian Key quest in Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Get Shrivelfig Fruit and Seeds in Hogwarts Legacy and How to Install Mods for Hogwarts Legacy.

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