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How to Flip a Troll’s Club in Hogwarts Legacy

Bonk the troll

by Patrick Souza
Troll Bogey

Trolls are some of the nastiest creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. And yet, some teachers find it completely reasonable for students to get their bogeys for research purposes. To make this task a little more bearable, your best option is first to slam the target into the ground and then get his residues, something that can be made easier by flipping its own club onto it. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Flip a Club Back at a Troll in Hogwarts Legacy

As their own tooltips suggest, a troll’s club can be flipped back at them by using Flipendo. You can do it after they slam the ground using both hands, as they’ll have a small delay before returning to their regular stance and/or hysterically chasing after you again. You need to be quick after dodging to cast the charm or use Protego to avoid damage and get a good position for your counterattack.

Using this reverse Uno card trick against those creatures is one of the most effective ways of dealing with those giant resistant brutes, and will temporarily leave them vulnerable to other attacks and different combinations. Use this moment to unleash all of your other powerful combat spells to make quick work of them.

The key to doing that is, of course, getting Flipendo. To unlock the Knockback Jinx, you must attend enough Herbology classes to get Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2, which requires you to harvest Fluxweed at least once and use all three carnivore plants (Chinese Chomping Cabbage, Mandrake, Venomous Tentacula) at the same time in a battle. 

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You can buy the plants’ seeds by visiting the Dogweed and Deathcap seed store in Hogsmeade (or just buy them all grown up), and the Fluxweed seeds can be bought at The Magic Neep. You can grow all plants in the Room of Requirements, and after using the plants against some hopeless foe, the Flipendo spell will be all yours to use. Good luck smacking those trolls!

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