10 Of The Best Survivor Cosmetics In Dead by Daylight

From undercover agents to the loudest possible outfits, we've picked 10 great cosmetics for you to peruse.

While Dead by Daylight can be one of the most horrifying experiences you can find yourself in, it doesn’t mean you need to look drab. Thanks to the cosmetic shop, you can deck your favorite Killer or Survivor out in the finest threads so you don’t have to look so basic. There are a massive number of skins available, so narrowing it down to 10 of the best was difficult, but we all have to pick and choose sometimes. Let’s see which drip made the list and what was left behind.

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10 Great Skins To Equip On Your Favorite Survivor In Dead By Daylight

While this list may be my personal choice, there is an excellent variety of skins available to purchase in the Dead by Daylight store. While you may not agree with all the choices on this list, some of them are just too iconic to pass up.

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10: Ada Wong – Undercover Espionage

Screenshot by Prima Games

We all know that Leon has some major golden retriever energy, but it’s hard not to recognize who this is, even in the most covert of operations. While Ada isn’t afraid to come in guns blazing, this sleek set will help you hide in the shadows when the time is right. While her standard red dress may be more appealing to some, the Undercover Espionage outfit hits just right when duty calls.

9: Yui Kimura – Dark Racer

Screenshot by Prima Games

While this may be one of the newest cosmetics available, thanks to the Artists of the Fog collaboration, it easily stands out as one of Yui’s best cosmetics to date. While I do find it hilarious that Ikumi Nakamura, the artist behind this skin, just straight-up gave Yui her iconic haircut, this stealthy outfit will have players of all skill levels scuttling to the shop to load up on Auric Cells.

8: Élodie Rakoto – 50’s Night Out

Screenshot by Prima Games

While the entirety of the Rockabilly pack is rather excellent, nobody is serving looks harder than our girl Élodie. You’re going to need a bit of confidence to rock this getup since you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb on any map that you choose, so you can’t be afraid of getting captured if you’re running this outfit. If you’re looking for a great way to get better in Chase, this could be the best option.

7: Ashley Williams – Water Trash

Screenshot by Prima Games

While Ashley may sound like he’s smoked four packs a day while running, this outfit is going to be louder than any survivor in the game. He’s got that Friday Feeling, and he’s ready to strut his stuff on the town. The main takeaway from this outfit, however, has to be the hand puppet that he’s rocking on his right hand. It cracks me up every time I’m working on gens, and made this an almost instant purchase for myself.

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6: Yun-Jin Lee – Seoul Socialite

Screenshot by Prima Games

Much like our rockabilly pal above, you’re going to need to know how to juice a killer if you’re hoping to show up in this much style. While it may not be as painfully apparent on some of the maps, Yun-Jin has a very bright and colorful style to her outfit choices. This eye-catching apparel is only available as a set, however, so you’re going to need to commit to the bit if you’re hoping to rock this beautiful style.

5: Jeff Johansen – Plein Air Painting

Screenshot by Prima Games

This one is for the dad-bod appreciators out there. If you’re hoping to pair this already noisy survivor status with an equally loud outfit, we’ve got the perfect choice for you. Looping and juicing a Killer are key bits of knowledge to have in your arsenal if you’re hoping to show up to the Fog rocking this beach-front ensemble. Get ready to party with the best of them when you pull up to the occasion in an outfit that’ll have you saying “Tommy Bahama who?”. SZA fans rejoice, this is the skin for you.

4: Kate Denson – Wonderful Alice

Screenshot by Prima Games

This ain’t no fairytale here in the Fog, but you can at least pretend that things are alright by jumping in with this classic dress combination. While you don’t get the power to shrink or grow while wearing this particular set, you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new world while running away from the most horrific creatures you could possibly imagine. You won’t be late for a very important date when you’re rocking Wonderful Alice, but you may be one of the first to get spotted, certainly.

3: Nicolas Cage – Gorgon Drip

Screenshot by Prima Games

Nicolas Cage has a unique fashion sense, both in the world of Dead by Daylight and also in real life. How many other actors do you know that will rock what he’s showing up to a function? Not very many besides the Man himself, so do yourself a favor and get your new favorite survivor an outfit that is worthy of his name. While his other options are quite excellent as well, nothing beats a good set of Snake Eyes.

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2: Feng Min – Happy-Go-Lucky & Eggs-Travaganza

The Happy-Go-Lucky set was the first cosmetic that I bought in Dead by Daylight, without realizing how horribly it made me stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, I had a great SWF friend group that was able to teach me the ropes, all while wearing this amazing outfit. Not only does it make Feng Min look adorable, but with ears that flop all over the place, this is a great way to communicate your feelings to Killers and Survivors alike.

1: Ace Visconti – Mad Hatter

Screenshot by Prima Games

There’s a reason why Ace is known as the King of Stealth, but this outfit isn’t it. Certainly the loudest and most vibrant suit available, players that pull up to the Fog wearing this particular getup are going to be masters at the game. That, or they just really liked how it looks, and wanted to see if they could make their way through the match without being spotted. No matter what, it’s going to take the team at Behaviour a while to top this one.

No matter the type of Survivor you are, these Cosmetics will look great on your favorite character. If you’re hoping to find out who you should Prestige first or you want to know who you should be looking for when you finally give Killer a try, this is a great place to start. Be sure to jump into our Dead by Daylight section below to find out even more about this exciting multiplayer game.

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