How Many Bloodpoints Does It Cost To Prestige A Character In Dead by Daylight?

Start saving up those Bloodpoints, you're going to need them.

As you begin losing more and more of your free time to Dead by Daylight, you’ll want to start Prestiging your favorite characters, and even some that you may not plan on playing. By utilizing the Bloodweb, you’re able to unlock special perks that can be used with other characters, alongside items that you can bring to the playing field. However, how many Bloodpoints does it usually take to prestige a Killer or Survivor to the next level?

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How Many Bloodpoints To Prestige A Survivor Or Killer In Dead by Daylight?

As you start your journey through the Bloodweb, you’ll only have a few items to unlock in the beginning stages. These will always be low-value items, so you don’t need many BPs to open the first 15 stages, at least. However, if you’re hoping to get your character to their full potential immediately, you must bank anywhere from 1 Million to 1.6 Million Bloodpoints on average.

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The reason this can vary so much is the quality of the items you’re hoping to redeem. On the Killer side of the Bloodweb, you’ll have items like Iridescent Memento Mori’s, which can be used to perform exclusive kills on Survivors that you’ve downed, making it much more brutal than the standard hook. On the other side of the coin, Survivors can unlock special items like the Brand New Part, which instantly boosts generator repair, or Anti-Hemorraging Syringes, which will heal you faster than you ever thought possible.

If you’ve already gotten all of the perks you want, you can stick with some of the lower-priced items to Prestige a character quickly, so you can unlock more Perks for another character you’ve been hoping to try. For example, I prestiged The Ghost Face to unlock the perk Thrilling Tremors to use on my main Killer, The Clown. Even if I only dabble with The Ghost Face on occasion, this Perk is incredibly useful on my particular build and playstyle.

If you’re new to the game and don’t know which Survivors you should Prestige first, we’ve got you covered on that topic and more in our Dead by Daylight section below. Beyond the Fog, you’ll find out more about rumors, busted characters, and so much more.

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