Top 5 Survivors To Prestige First In Dead by Daylight

We gotta survive, gotta survive, gotta survive, staying alive!

One of the most rewarding feelings in gaming is getting away with just a sliver of hope against a masochistic creature hunting you down, and Dead by Daylight offers that feeling in droves. Not only do you have a large list of unique characters to choose from, but you can Prestige them to use their perks with your favorite overall. Even crossover characters like Ash from Evil Dead have made their way into the fog, so let’s find out who you need to level up first to get the best bang for your buck in Dead by Daylight.

Best Survivors To Prestige In Dead by Daylight

Every player is going to have a different playstyle, and the perks included in this list will help you round out your character of choice to become the best version of themselves. Pair up some of the best perks from each of these characters to become an unstoppable Survivor in just a matter of time.

5: Meg Thomas

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No, this isn’t our managing editor in video game form, but we all love Meg in this digital format. Not only does she have one of the most cracked Perks in the game with Adrenaline, but she also has two other great Perks that can benefit every style of play. Adrenaline will instantly heal you up a level and give you some extra Haste the moment the Exit Doors are thrown open, making it easier than ever to leave a Killer in the dust and make your way out unscathed. Quick & Quiet alongside Sprint Burst will turn you into a more humanoid version of Sonic the Hedgehog, so if speed is your name, then she’s your game.

Perk of Choice: Adrenaline

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4: Feng Min

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Yeah, you could call Feng Min a Gamer Girl, but that would be selling her short. Thanks to amazing perks like Lithe, she’s able to take the uncanny abilities that our favorite gaming heroes possess and bring them to the Fog. Lithe will give you the chance to perform a Rushed Vault, so you can escape the grasp of a Killer that is quickly closing in, whereas Technician will keep your Generator silent if you mess up a Skill Check. We can’t forget about Alert, which will show you the position of the Killer if they do a Break Action, so you’ll be able to stay stealthy when using her Perks and get out of harm’s way with ease.

Perk of Choice: Lithe

3: Zarina Kassir

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If you’re someone that loves to help other survivors make it out alive, Zarina should be the first Survivor you Prestige. Thanks to amazing Perks like Off The Record, which hides your aura for quite some time and almost completely eliminates your Grunts of Pain, you can stay healthy and alive for an extended period. However, her perk For The People is a game changer, especially when paired with more sneaky Perks. While you’re healthy, you can sacrifice a bit of your health to completely heal another player, giving them a second chance at life. Red Herring is great for those who want to keep their eyes on a 99’ed Generator, especially if the Killer is rapidly approaching.

Perk of Choice: Off The Record

2. Kate Denson

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Feeling a bit bold, are we? Well, then you need to jump into the boots of Kate Denson and her thrilling perks. Buck like a Bronco with Boil Over, which makes the task of hooking you so much more difficult for the Killer that has just downed you. Use Windows of Opportunity to scope out your environment and find items you can use to escape your pursuer or run Dance With Me to hide your Scratch Marks for an extended period after Vaulting or exiting a Locker. She’s got a great set of Perks that can benefit those players bold enough to engage the Killer head-on.

Perk of Choice: Windows of Opportunity

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1: William “Bill” Overbeck

Screenshot by Prima Games

Not only was William one of the best playable characters in the Left 4 Dead franchise, but he’s unironically the first character you should Prestige when playing Dead by Daylight. With some of the best Perks in the game, it’s easy to understand why. If you’re the final survivor on the map, Left Behind is going to be a lifesaver, as it reveals the location of the Hatch when you’re near it. Borrowed Time will help those that are fresh off of the hook, so they can escape without being Tunneled. And finally, his best perk is without a doubt Unbreakable, which allows you to get back on your feet once per game without the help of another Survivor.

Perk of Choice: Unbreakable

Once you have Prestiged these characters, their Perks will become available in the Bloodweb, allowing you the chance to get them up to their full potential to run them on new survivors like Nicolas Cage. While he may have some incredible perks of his own, these are some tried and true add-ons that can make every game play out exactly how you want it. If you’re looking for more tips on how to survive, or just want to try your hand out as the Killer, be sure to check out our Dead by Daylight section below.

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