Meet the Prima Teama: Meg Bethany Koepp, Managing Editor

Hi, I'm Meg, and I'm an absolute weirdo.

If vampires were real, I’d definitely be one. Or maybe I am already, and I just don’t know yet. Because if you’ve spent just 30 seconds around me, you’ll know I literally do not sleep. And I am one of those annoying people who make that fact their whole personality, too. Every day without fail, when someone asks how I am, the response is “tired,” “exhausted,” or “about to die because I’ve been awake for two days straight.”

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I felt this was the most accurate thing to start off this lil’ “about me” post because my poor coworkers get it shoved into their faces each morning as I log onto the Prima Games Slack in a zombie-like state. Blame Destiny 2, OK? You can’t complete your dailies if you’re asleep. The grind is real. If I die early, it’ll most likely be because my body has shut itself down.

You Can Take the Girl Out of Britain, But You Can’t Take Britain Out of the Girl

Anyway, if you didn’t know, I’m 27, and I live in California, United States. But I didn’t always live here—I’m actually British… Oops, sorry, Bri-ish. I moved over here in 2018 after getting married to my husband. I do like America, but I do miss my home comforts like Greggs (if you know, you know), crumpets, and fish ‘n’ chips. Yes, I am a walking stereotype. I also import Yorkshire Tea teabags because no one makes tea like the Brits. Sorry, not sorry.

I started my career in games journalism in late 2014 at a now-defunct The Legend of Zelda fansite known as Zelda Informer. From there, I was scooped up by the British tabloid newspaper The Daily Star to freelance for their gaming section before being accepted into Staffordshire University’s Games Journalism degree (yes, it was real, and yes, it was as bad as you’d probably expect). I actually dropped out to move to the US; love being $45k in debt for no reason.

I attended a few press events in the UK, like the Nintendo Switch premiere in London 2017 (you might recognize a face or two here!)

Once I settled in the United States and could finally work again after waiting a year for my Green Card, I began freelancing again, scoring bylines at PC Gamer, Eurogamer, Red Bull, and IGN. Then, in 2019, I started working at an esports website as a Senior Writer before being promoted to Acting Editor and then Weekend Editor.

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I wasn’t happy, though. And when I saw GAMURS advertising for a mystery Managing Editor position in March 2022, I went for it, despite thinking I had no chance. Imposter syndrome is real. To my surprise, I got an interview (I still didn’t know which website the position was for!) and, two weeks later, was told I got the job. And that it was at Prima Games. Prima freaking Games. WHAT? Definitely a pinch-me moment. Like many of us, I grew up collecting their guides.

OMG… A Girl… Who Plays Games?!

While I could rattle on about Prima Games and why I love it so much all day, I am aware that this is supposed to be about me, so let’s talk about video games. My favorite game of all time is Pokemon Emerald because we all know that Gen III is the best. I’m also a huge Persona fan (Persona 3 FES is the best one, and I’ll die on that hill), get way too obsessed with online games like Destiny 2 and Diablo IV, and own over 100 Nendoroid figurines from all my favorite games because I have a problem.

That’s the other thing. I love to spend money. And I’m easily influenced. Seriously, ask my coworkers. Like Shaun, who basically forced me to buy Sun Haven and a soldering iron kit this week. Throw something in the Prima Games Slack chat, and it’ll be in my cart within five minutes. Draining my bank account is how I cope with my crippling anxiety and agoraphobia, lol. No, but seriously.

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When I’m not playing something, I’m probably either spending time with the hubby, napping, or playing with my two dogs. I’ll throw in a photo for dog tax since I know you’re probably wondering, the same way I do whenever someone mentions their pets. They’re my absolute life, and I would do literally anything on this planet for them, even if they annoy the heck out of me sometimes.

My best friends Yuki (left) and Luna (right).

Anyway, if you didn’t gather that I’m an absolute weirdo by now, then I don’t know what else to say. I’ve got no friends for a reason, and I’m totally content with that. If I haven’t scared you off, check out this feature I posted recently where I made and ate Zelda food in real life because I hate myself, apparently.

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Meg Bethany Koepp
Meg was Managing Editor at Prima Games until April 2024.