Letter From the Editor: A Prima Games Year in Retrospect

How has it been a year already?

A year ago, on May 1, 2022, I joined Prima Games as its new Managing Editor. And honestly, it was terrifying because it was my first ME role. And if you’ve stuck with the site through all its changes, you’ll know I had some pretty big boots to fill. Prima has been led by some amazing folk over the years; would I be able to carry the torch?

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Well, fast forward to a year here, and not to toot my own horn or anything, but we’ve managed to accomplish some downright spectacular things in the last 12 months, reviving Prima Games from a life support state to a fully-functioning games website again. And as I write this, looking back at everything we’ve done, I can’t help but get emotional.

Becoming Prima Games’ Managing Editor

I came into Prima Games emotionally bruised and battered after previous experiences in this industry. I witnessed places that treated their workforces like cogs in a machine; no humanity at all. So, naturally, I was terrified, not only because it was something new but because I had a lot of survivor’s guilt, knowing I’d managed to escape while my old coworkers were still stuck somewhere that didn’t appreciate them.

When I first joined Prima, it was just me and old-time staffers Jesse and Lucas, who had been carried over with the recent acquisition. None of us knew if we would be able to grow the website, but we knew we were ready to try. Fast forward a year, and there are now 16 of us and growing – including eight full-time staff members. Proof in itself that we achieved that goal.

The biggest thing I told myself when becoming Managing Editor was that I had to make it a place where people feel valued, whether they’re full-time or freelance. There are too many websites in this industry that exploit talent; there’s no way that Prima Games would ever become that. And I’m proud to say that a year on, we’ve got an incredible culture here, and I’m especially happy to be leading that by setting an example where other places sadly do not.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

While I begrudgingly do have to take some responsibility for Prima’s success over the last year as its Managing Editor, the majority of the credit goes to our wonderful team. I have genuinely never met a group so hard-working, talented, and dedicated to its craft than the Prima Teama. And if you could take just a 10-second glimpse at our Slack channels and Trello board, you’d understand why instantly. I’m so freaking proud of them.

But it’s not just the workflow that’s impressive; it’s the positivity and the constant celebration of others’ achievements and accomplishments. Everyone is so appreciative of each other and cares just as deeply about one another and the website and its goals. I hate the saying because it’s cliche, but if there’s ever an example of where it’s true, it’s here: we are a work family, like the Vin Diesel meme. But please don’t start calling me “mom” because that’s creepy AF.

One of the best moments of the year.

We also do our fair share of poking fun at each other. For example, our SEO guy Joe has the most ridiculous pickle obsession I’ve ever seen (to the point of deepthroating a dill during one of our monthly Happy Hours, a sight I will never be able to unsee), our Staff Writer Madison is now our resident recipe writer thanks to Disney Dreamlight Valley’s 4372873 dishes, and I’m a meme based solely on my love for the Steam Deck (seriously, buy one). But it’s jokes like this that prove just how comfortable we all are as a team, and it truly is the best.

Celebrating Prima Games’ Successes

I want to end this sappy ramble by sharing some of the most ridiculous work Prima Games has produced over the last year because we really are fantastic (and unhinged) if I do say so myself. And you should definitely stick around for the next year and beyond because we’ve got some absolute bangers in the works that you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t read. You can always count on us for weird and out-there content.

A final note from me: thank you for reading our craziness at Prima Games over the last year. We are where we’re at largely because people like you click on our site and keep our lights on. You’re the best.

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Image of Meg Bethany Koepp
Meg Bethany Koepp
Meg was Managing Editor at Prima Games until April 2024.