Nicolas Cage’s Absurdity Makes Him My New Favorite Survivor in Dead By Daylight

From Face/Off to the Fog, Nicolas Cage has conquered another medium.

Ever since the first time I played Survivor, I’ve always run Feng Min. She’s been my absolute favorite for a variety of reasons, but running through the dark fog of Dead by Daylight with her pink bunny hoodie has been a favorite pastime of mine. Her perks benefit my playstyle, and her general vibe matches mine. I mean, I even have a Feng Min Youtooz in my PC tower, since she’s always been my go-to gal when it comes to surviving the Fog. But, I’m sad to say, that changes today.

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You see, Nicolas Cage has emerged into the role of a lifetime. As a long-time Cage fanatic, this is the penultimate challenge for him; a role that he may not have initially wanted. There’s the long-running joke that Nicolas Cage will act in anything, but if he knew the true danger that the Killers in Dead by Daylight bring to the table, he may have reconsidered the role.

I’m Sorry Feng Min, But Nicolas Cage is My New Best Friend

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I have to keep it real with you; Nicolas Cage was the reason I downloaded Dead by Daylight in the first place. Sure, I had my friend Rhonan yelling about how good the game was, but I’m one of those kinds of people that engrosses themselves in the world of single-player games, rather than the world of multiplayer. However, once I heard that The Cage was making his way into the Fog, I knew I had to jump in and check it out. 

And boy, am I glad that I did. Within the past month, Dead by Daylight has skyrocketed to my most-played game on the Steam platform, and that was even before Nicolas made his debut. But now that one of my favorite actors has decided to bless us with his likeness, I’m scared that I won’t be able to jump into any of the other games coming out this year. It’s a slippery slope, and once you find a character that you wholeheartedly associate with (for me, it’s the Clown. I too, wheeze while I stand in place), you’ll never be able to dig the meathook out of you.

I figured that Nicolas Cage was going to easily place himself in the top spot of our Loudest Survivors list, especially due to his rather unorthodox method of acting. However, I’m rather pleased that I won’t need to use one of my four perk spots to run Iron Will since he’s rather stealthy on his own. I will say, his voice lines are rather humorous, and lend a fair bit of fun to the often tense matches you can find yourself playing against some try-hard killers. It’s just a shame that Sadako won’t be able to hear me gushing about her while playing.  

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Despite All My Rage, I Am Still Just Nicolas Cage

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I feared for the longest time that Nicolas Cage was going to be almost a joke of a Survivor, but after engaging in a few custom matches with my friend Rhonan, I can say I am absolutely in love with how he plays and his perks. Of course, they’re going to be the most over-the-top additions to the game, but how else would they perfectly complement someone like him? 

The only loud part about Nicolas Cage in this sense is his choice of outfits. You’re going to need to be confident in your skills to run with our boy, because his fashion sense is rather outlandish, as expected. Your base skin consists of a dark red suit, with the option to unlock a Snake Skin suit, and another option that will send fans through the roof. You’ll stick out like a sore thumb on the map compared to some of the other survivors, but his witty banter makes it worth it. 

His included perks are equally as ridiculous. More often than not, you’re going to put yourself in harm’s way to take a hit for a teammate, since everything he does involves screaming at the top of his lungs and exposing himself. However, as a team player, this will help your friends out since they’ll be able to see where the Killer is on the map for a fair number of seconds and determine the next cause of action. 

My personal favorite Perk that he brings to the table is Plot Twist, which lets you play dead after taking a hit from the killer, giving you a chance to heal up and get yourself back on your feet once your recovery bar fills up. It’s an absolutely cracked perk, and I can’t wait to see how players that are way better than me use this to bully unsuspecting killers. 

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We’ll Just Take His Face… OFF

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When I play as a Survivor, I’m beyond excited to see Lobbies full of Nicolas Cage, all adorned in their own special outfits. And as Killer, I’m excited to see what these new Perks will bring to the table, even if I lose more matches than ever before. And I’m just glad to see that he wasn’t brought into the Fog as a joke character, but rather, an absolute cracked monster. 

I’m hoping now that he’s made his foray into the world of gaming that we see Nicolas Cage emerge more into the space because there are a fair number of franchises that I could personally see him fitting in perfectly. Something like Borderlands, for example, could be the perfect spot for him to lose his mind in his Nouveau Shamanic acting style. Or, for the love of all things holy, add him and Elanor to something like Forza Horizon 5.

It’ll be interesting to see if I ever migrate back to my roots as a Feng Min main, or if I continue running Nicolas Cage until he’s Prestige 100. No matter what, I must kindly ask that Behavior brings a John Travolta killer so a Nic Cage squad can bully them into the ground. 

If the idea of seeing someone like Nicolas Cage bringing their likeness into the game, the rumors swirling around about the next licensed killer could be the perfect chance to add an iconic line into the game. And if you’re hoping to learn more about Dead by Daylight before jumping into the game yourself, be sure to check out our section below. 

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