Top 5 Loudest And Quietest Survivors in Dead By Daylight

Some of these survivors are louder than we could have ever imagined. Find out if your Main made the list!

Dead by Daylight is a game that is not only dependent on your skill but your ability to keep quiet when something goes amuck. Sure, you could have countless hours in the game and still get caught by a stray hatchet tossed your way by a new Huntress player, but you know where to hide and how to heal up. But, what happens next could depend on your choice of survivor, due to the Grunts of Pain emerging from their mouths. If you’re feeling risky or want to go Solid Snake mode, be sure to choose or avoid these Survivors in your next session.

Survivors Ranked On Noise Level in Dead by Daylight

There are a variety of different things we are going to choose from when it comes to this particular list, but we aren’t going to include the Hook Screams here since, well, everyone has a right to be loud when they get a meat hook through the sternum. But, depending on the Grunts of Pain, these Survivors could make or break your next session. This is based on personal taste, so prepare yourself for the Entity with me.

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The Loudest Survivors In Dead By Daylight

From sounding like an injured child to a full-blown hurt elephant, these Survivors should be used by those that are confident in their skills. You shouldn’t be afraid to juice a Killer or partake in a bit of looping if you use these characters since a Killer will likely be able to hear you from across the map.

#5 Loudest Survivor – Feng Min

Screenshot: Prima Games

This one pains me to say as a Feng Min main. But, we need to address the elephant in the room: her Grunts of Pain are genuinely distressing. While playing with a friend who mentioned that she sounds like a crying child when she gets hit, her GoP is noticeable no matter if you’re another survivor or a hungry Clown on the search for tasty fingers.

#4 Loudest Survivor – Ashley Williams

Screenshot: Prima Games

Apparently, I just love loud survivors or something. Maybe it’s because I love the fact that I can look like Florida Man come to life with his stylish beach ensemble, or just the hand puppet continuously cracks me up while working on gens, but I still love jumping into a game here and there with Ash, even if he sounds like he’s about to go into cardiac arrest from a brief chase.

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#3 Loudest Survivor – Claire Redfield

Screenshot: Prima Games

Finally, one that I haven’t purchased or used in the past, but have played plenty of games with. I’m thankful whenever I see Claire in the lobby because I know I’m likely not going to be found by the killer since I’ll be drowned out by her Grunts of Pain. She’s sassy, classy, and all-around noisy as all get out, so be ready to mend yourself to keep the killer off your tail.

#2 Loudest Survivor – William “Bill” Overbeck

Screenshot: Prima Games

While Bill may have one of the best Survivor perks in the game, with the ability to get himself off of the ground, it may be in your best interest to farm for Bloodpoints with another character. You see, while William looks the part of the grizzled Survivor, the man doesn’t know how to keep quiet. It must be from all the years of smoking or something, but our man Bill here isn’t afraid to be a bit noisy.

#1 Loudest Survivor – Jeffrey “Jeff” Johansen

Screenshot: Prima Games

The first Survivor with a Dad Bod also just so happens to sound like a wounded elephant the second he gets tapped by anything. With Grunts of Pain that essentially equal out to Mel Blanc screaming at the top of his lungs, you’ll need to be extremely confident in your survival skills if you’re hoping not to get caught by a Killer playing with their sound turned all the way down. Yes, he’s that incredibly loud, and it’s a shame. You ain’t never heard a big boy scream on a hook like Jeff does.

The Quietest Survivors In Dead by Daylight

No matter if you’re new to Dead by Daylight or you prefer a stealthier approach, these Survivors should be some of the first that you play with. These killers make the least noise possible out of the large list to choose from, so you’re bound to keep yourself from being heard when playing as these characters.

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#5 Quietest Survivor – Dwight Fairfield

Screenshot: Prima Games

Not only is Dwight almost the face of the Survivor portion of the game, but he’s also one of the best ones to use when you first get started. If he was a pin, you wouldn’t be able to hear him even in the quietest of rooms if he drops. An all-around great starter Survivor, and someone that you can bring along for the long haul.

#4 Quietest Survivor – Ada Wong

Screenshot: Prima Games

In her own franchise, Ada Wong is always known for being sneaky and almost cat-like with her reflexes and skillset. Those skills translate perfectly to her survival skills now that she’s still in the world of Dead by Daylight. Even after taking a blow that would bring the mightiest oak tumbling down, she’s calm and collected throughout her injury process.

#3 Quietest Survivor – Cheryl Mason

Screenshot: Prima Games

Cheryl Mason is a tortured soul, so maybe that’s why she doesn’t seem to give much thought to a wound that would normally cause someone to succumb to death. She’s easily one of the better Survivors to play as if you’re hoping to keep the Stealthy approach, even taking on killers like Pyramid Head without much hesitation or noise.

#2 Quietest Survivor – Kate Denson

Screenshot: Prima Games

If you’re hoping to build up a survivor to use for the longest time, Kate Denson is your girl. With a set of perks that’ll put most Killers to shame, and the ability to keep herself hidden with a 3-second dropoff of her running path, Kate is perfect for those that are looking to be a little bold while being a sneaky snake throughout their match.

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#1 Quietest Survivor – Ace Visconti

Screenshot: Prima Games

One look at Ace Visconti and you know that you’re in for one hell of a ride. Not only does this man have dashing looks, but he’s also easily the quietest Survivor currently available in Dead by Daylight. While he may not look the part, he would easily be able to replace Big Boss or Solid Snake in their upcoming mission… if it only requires Stealth, that is. I’m not sure if he’s a CQC master or not, but I could only assume he is.

With new Survivors on the horizon, this list could easily change shortly. I mean, we’ve got Nicolas Cage making his way to the game, and I could easily see him making his way onto our Loudest Survivors list if the Public Test Build was anything to go off of. No matter if you’re a Survivor Expert or just want to find out more about Dead by Daylight before jumping into the Fog yourself, be sure to check out our section below to find even more tips and tricks to prepare yourself for the ultimate multiplayer experience.

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